South Korean boxers in the Olympic Games

South Korean Olympic Athletes in Boxing*

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Event Athletes
 Boxing 1948
Flyweight M KOR Han Soo-ann
Featherweight M KOR Su Bung-nan
 Boxing 1952
Flyweight M KOR Han Soo-ann
Bantamweight M KOR Kang Joon-ho
Featherweight M KOR Su Bung-nan
Lightweight M KOR Ju Sang-Jeom
 Boxing 1956
Flyweight M KOR Pyo Hyun-ki
Bantamweight M KOR Song Soon-chun
Featherweight M KOR Chung Dong-hun
Lightweight M KOR Baik Do-sun
Light-welterweight M KOR Hwang Ei-kyung
 Boxing 1960
Light-welterweight M KOR Kim Duck-bong
 Boxing 1964
Flyweight M KOR Choh Dong-kih
Bantamweight M KOR Chung Shin-cho
 Boxing 1968
Light-flyweight M KOR Jee Yong-ju
Bantamweight M KOR Chang Kyou-chull
Light-welterweight M KOR Kim Sa-yong
 Boxing 1972
Flyweight M KOR You Chong-man
Lightweight M KOR Kim Tai-ho
 Boxing 1976
Light-flyweight M KOR Park Chan-hee
Bantamweight M KOR Hwang Chul-soon
Featherweight M KOR Choi Choon-gil
 Boxing 1984
Light-flyweight M KOR Kim Gwang-Seon
Flyweight M KOR Mo Heo-yong
Bantamweight M KOR Moon Sung-kil
Featherweight M KOR Park Hyeong-oc
Lightweight M KOR Chun Chil-sung
Light-welterweight M KOR Kim Dong-kil
Welterweight M KOR An Young-su
Light-middleweight M KOR An Dal-Ho
Middleweight M KOR Shin Joon-sup
 Boxing 1988
Light-flyweight M KOR Oh Kwang-soo
Flyweight M KOR Kim Kwang-sun
Bantamweight M KOR Byun Jong-Il
Featherweight M KOR Lee Jae-hyuk
Welterweight M KOR Song Kyung-sup
Light-middleweight M KOR Park Si-hun
Heavyweight M KOR Baik Hyun-man
Super-heavyweight M KOR Kim Yoo-hyun
 Boxing 1992
Light-flyweight M KOR Jo Dong-Beom
Flyweight M KOR Han Gwang-Hyeong
Featherweight M KOR Park Duk-kyu
Lightweight M KOR Hong Sung-sik
Light-welterweight M KOR Kim Jae-Gyeong
Welterweight M KOR Jeon Jin-Cheol
Light-middleweight M KOR Choi Gi-Su
Middleweight M KOR Lee Seung-bae
Light-heavyweight M KOR Go Yo-Da
Heavyweight M KOR Chae Seong-bae
Super-heavyweight M KOR Jung Seung-won
 Boxing 1996
Bantamweight M KOR Bae Ki-Woong
Featherweight M KOR Sin Su-Yeong
Lightweight M KOR Shin Eun-chul
Light-welterweight M KOR Han Hyung-Min
Welterweight M KOR Bae Ho-Jo
Light-middleweight M KOR Lee Wan-Kyun
Middleweight M KOR Moon Lim-Chul
Light-heavyweight M KOR Lee Seung-bae
Heavyweight M KOR Go Yeong-sam
 Boxing 2000
Light-flyweight M KOR Kim Ki-suk
Flyweight M KOR Kim Tai-Kyu
Bantamweight M KOR Cho Suk-hwan
Featherweight M KOR Park Heung-min
Light-welterweight M KOR Hwang Sung-bum
Welterweight M KOR Bae Jin-suk
Light-middleweight M KOR Song In-joon
Middleweight M KOR Im Jung-bin
Light-heavyweight M KOR Choi Ki-soo
 Boxing 2004
Light-flyweight M KOR Hong Moo-won
Flyweight M KOR Kim Ki-suk
Bantamweight M KOR Kim Won-il
Featherweight M KOR Jo Seok-hwan
Lightweight M KOR Baik Jong-sub
Welterweight M KOR Kim Jung-joo
Light-heavyweight M KOR Song Hak-sung
 Boxing 2008
Flyweight M KOR Lee Ok-sung
Bantamweight M KOR Han Soonchul
Lightweight M KOR Kim Song-guk
Baik Jong-sub
Welterweight M KOR Kim Jong-joo
Middleweight M KOR Cho Deok-jin
 Boxing 2012
Light-flyweight M KOR Shin Jonghun
Lightweight M KOR Han Soonchul
 Boxing 2016
Bantamweight M KOR Ham Sangmyeong
* The list above only shows a selection of South Korean boxers - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about South Korean boxers at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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