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About the Olympian DB Project

What we do
The Olympian Database is an independent project and not associated with the official International Olympic Organisation in any way.

Our goal is to focus on the perspective that concerns the Olympic competitions and their status as the highest achievement and most significant event for almost any top athlete. A big part of the charm and value of the Olympic games is due to the fact that only ones in a four year span athletes compete for Olympic gold. Even the most dominating superstars in a sport may only get one fair chance of winning gold and the reputation of an entire career could be at stake at this one particular event.

The focus of the Olympian Database is to deliver accurate, well organized and transparent content about the Olympic sporting events from a variety of perspectives - focusing on an individual athlete or a nations achievements over time in the Olympics. Or focusing on a particular sport or a particular event and its champions and medalists.

What we have
An important element in the encyclopedic character of the site is the gathering of all results of all athletes in all events at all olympic games (and to the level of detail it makes sense). We are not quite there yet and this is really a project under constant development that will never actually reach a final closure.

At the moment the Olympian Database-website holds a complete result overview with results for all events at all the olympic summer and winter games since 1896. In fact the site holds result data for all olympic medalists ever and for almost all events in olympic history it also contains the complete result for the final. However there is still some way to go before we have all results of all athletes that have competed at the olympic games. If you are looking for any particular results in olympic history this link will take you through the steps to reach it.

In some respects we are nearly (or as far as we can tell) leading with respect to some of our historical overviews and medal standings for example when it comes to all-time medal overviews in a specific sport (for athletes, nations or continents) or medal standings for a specific NOC - national olympic committee - (from an athletes or a sports perspective). Go here for access to the historical overviews for all olympic sports and events. Visit this page to find detailed Olympic facts about each nations participation and achievements in olympic history.

How we do it
The Olympian Database project has been developed as a family enterprise over several generations and is run by a small group of people/experts with different backgrounds in leadership and research.

Over the years scrapbooks, paper based overviews and static-html web page-solutions have gradually been substituted for a dynamic database that today generates tens of thousands of pages.

For more info about the Olympian Database go here.

We are indepted to the wikimedia designers Thadius856 & Parutakupiu for releasing the Olympic sports pictograms into the public domain. And we also build our work with the database on the top Olympic historians work that have paved the way for our decisions and developments. Thank you to all of you!

The site uses a number of sports abbreviations and the three letter olympic country codes that might be helpful to you in reading for example the medal standings on the website.

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