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 Boxing 1908
Bantamweight M GBR Frank McGurk
John Condon
Henry Perry
Henry Thomas
William Webb
Featherweight M GBR Charles Morris
Edward Adams
Thomas Ringer
Richard Gunn
John Lloyd
Hugh Roddin
Lightweight M GBR George Jessup
Harry Johnson
Patrick Fee
Frederick Grace
Frederick Spiller
Matthew Wells
Edward Fearman
Harold Holmes
Frank Osborne
Middleweight M GBR William Childs
John Douglas
Arthur Murdoch
Ruben Warnes
William Dees
William Philo
Heavyweight M GBR Albert Ireton
Albert Oldman
Frederick Parks
Harold Brewer
Sydney Evans
Ian Myrams
 Boxing 1920
Flyweight M GBR William Cuthbertson
Frederick Virtue
Bantamweight M GBR Daniel Bowling
George McKenzie
Featherweight M GBR Frederick Adams
James Carter
Lightweight M GBR James Gilmour
Frederick Grace
Welterweight M GBR Alexander Ireland
Frederick Whitbread
Middleweight M GBR Edward White
Henry Mallin
Light-heavyweight M GBR Hugh Brown
Harold Franks
Heavyweight M GBR Frank Dove
Ronald Rawson
 Boxing 1924
Flyweight M GBR Ernest Warwick
James McKenzie
Bantamweight M GBR Albert Barber
Les Tarrant
Featherweight M GBR Harry Dingley
Arthur Beavish
Lightweight M GBR Walter White
George Shorter
Welterweight M GBR Joseph Basham
Patrick O'Hanrahan
Middleweight M GBR Henry Mallin
John Elliott
Light-heavyweight M GBR John Courtis
Harry Mitchell
Heavyweight M GBR George O'Kelly
Arthur Clifton
 Boxing 1928
Flyweight M GBR Cuthbert Taylor
Bantamweight M GBR John Garland
Featherweight M GBR Frederick Perry
Lightweight M GBR Frederick Webster
Welterweight M GBR Harry Dunn
Middleweight M GBR Frederick Mallin
Light-heavyweight M GBR Alfred Jackson
Heavyweight M GBR Joseph goyder
 Boxing 1932
Flyweight M GBR Thomas Pardoe
Lightweight M GBR Hyman Mizler
Welterweight M GBR David McCleave
 Boxing 1936
Flyweight M GBR Alfred Russell
Bantamweight M GBR Albert Barnes
Featherweight M GBR John Treadway
Lightweight M GBR Frederick Simpson
Welterweight M GBR Walter Pack
Middleweight M GBR Richard Shrimpton
Light-heavyweight M GBR Thomas Griffin
Heavyweight M GBR Vincent Stuart
 Boxing 1948
Flyweight M GBR Henry Carpenter
Bantamweight M GBR Tommy Proffitt
Featherweight M GBR Peter Brander
Lightweight M GBR Ron Cooper
Welterweight M GBR Max Shacklady
Middleweight M GBR John Wright
Light-heavyweight M GBR Donald Scott
Heavyweight M GBR Jack Gardner
 Boxing 1952
Flyweight M GBR David Dower
Bantamweight M GBR Thomas Nicholls
Featherweight M GBR Percival Lewis
Lightweight M GBR Frederick Reardon
Light-welterweight M GBR Peter Waterman
Welterweight M GBR Johnny Maloney
Light-middleweight M GBR Bernard Foster
Middleweight M GBR Terry Gooding
Light-heavyweight M GBR Henry Cooper
Heavyweight M GBR Edgar Hearn
 Boxing 1956
Flyweight M GBR Terence Spinks
Bantamweight M GBR Owen Reilly
Featherweight M GBR Thomas Nicholls
Lightweight M GBR Richard McTaggart
Welterweight M GBR Nicholas Gargano
Light-middleweight M GBR John McCormack
Middleweight M GBR Ronald Redrup
 Boxing 1960
Flyweight M GBR Danny Lee
Bantamweight M GBR Francis Taylor
Featherweight M GBR Phil Lundgren
Lightweight M GBR Richard McTaggart
Light-welterweight M GBR Bobby Kelsey
Welterweight M GBR James Lloyd
Light-middleweight M GBR William Fisher
Middleweight M GBR Roy Addison
Light-heavyweight M GBR John Ould
Heavyweight M GBR David Thomas
 Boxing 1964
Flyweight M GBR John McCluskey
Bantamweight M GBR Brian Packer
Featherweight M GBR Ronnie Smith
Lightweight M GBR Jimmy Dunne
Light-welterweight M GBR Richard McTaggart
Welterweight M GBR Michael Varley
Light-middleweight M GBR Bill Robinson
Middleweight M GBR Willie Stack
 Boxing 1968
Flyweight M GBR Johnny McGonigle
Bantamweight M GBR Michael Carter
Featherweight M GBR John Cheshire
Lightweight M GBR John Stracey
Light-welterweight M GBR Terence Waller
Welterweight M GBR Alan Tottoh
Light-middleweight M GBR Eric Blake
Middleweight M GBR Christopher Finnegan
Heavyweight M GBR William Wells
 Boxing 1972
Light-flyweight M GBR Ralph Evans
Flyweight M GBR Maurice O'Sullivan
Bantamweight M GBR George Turpin
Featherweight M GBR William Taylor
Lightweight M GBR Neville Cole
Light-welterweight M GBR Graham Moughton
Welterweight M GBR Maurice Hope
Light-middleweight M GBR Alan Minter
Middleweight M GBR William Knight
 Boxing 1976
Flyweight M GBR Charlie Magri
Bantamweight M GBR Patrick Cowdell
Lightweight M GBR Sylvester Mittee
Light-welterweight M GBR Clinton McKenzie
Welterweight M GBR Colin Jones
Light-middleweight M GBR Robbie Davies
Middleweight M GBR Dave Odwell
 Boxing 1980
Flyweight M GBR Keith Wallace
Bantamweight M GBR Ray Gilbody
Featherweight M GBR Pete Hanlon
Lightweight M GBR George Gilbody
Light-welterweight M GBR Anthony Willis
Welterweight M GBR Joseph Frost
Light-middleweight M GBR Nicholas Wilshire
Middleweight M GBR Mark Kaylor
Light-heavyweight M GBR Andrew Straughn
 Boxing 1984
Light-flyweight M GBR John Lyon
Flyweight M GBR Pat Clinton
Bantamweight M GBR John Hyland
Featherweight M GBR Kevin Taylor
Lightweight M GBR Alex Dickson
Light-welterweight M GBR Dave Griffiths
Welterweight M GBR Mickey Hughes
Light-middleweight M GBR Roderick Douglas
Middleweight M GBR Brian Schumacher
Light-heavyweight M GBR Anthony Wilson
Heavyweight M GBR Douglas Young
Super-heavyweight M GBR Robert Wells
 Boxing 1988
Light-flyweight M GBR Mark Epton
Flyweight M GBR John Lyon
Bantamweight M GBR Mike Deveney
Featherweight M GBR David Anderson
Lightweight M GBR Charles Kane
Light-welterweight M GBR Mark Elliott
Light-middleweight M GBR Richard Woodhall
Heavyweight M GBR Henry Akinwande
 Boxing 1992
Light-flyweight M GBR Rowan Williams
Flyweight M GBR Paul Ingle
Featherweight M GBR Brian Carr
Lightweight M GBR Alan Vaughan
Light-welterweight M GBR Peter Richardson
Welterweight M GBR Adrian Dodson
Light-middleweight M GBR Robin Reid
Middleweight M GBR Mark Edwards
Light-heavyweight M GBR Stephen Wilson
Heavyweight M GBR Paul Lawson
 Boxing 1996
Featherweight M GBR David Burke
Heavyweight M GBR Fola Okesola
 Boxing 2000
Light-heavyweight M GBR Courtney Fry
Super-heavyweight M GBR Audley Harrison
 Boxing 2004
Lightweight M GBR Amir Khan
 Boxing 2008
Flyweight M GBR Khalid Yafai
Bantamweight M GBR Joe Murray
Light-welterweight M GBR Bradley Saunders
Welterweight M GBR Billy Joe Saunders
Middleweight M GBR James Degale
Light-heavyweight M GBR Tony Jefries
Super-heavyweight M GBR David Price
 Boxing 2012
Flyweight M GBR Andrew Selby
Bantamweight M GBR Luke Campbell
Lightweight M GBR Josh Taylor
Light-welterweight M GBR Thomas Stalker
Welterweight M GBR Freddie Evans
Middleweight M GBR Anthony Ogogo
Super-heavyweight M GBR Anthony Joshua
Flyweight W GBR Nicola Adams
Lightweight W GBR Natasha Jonas
Middleweight W GBR Savannah Marshall
 Boxing 2016
Light-flyweight M GBR Galal Yafai
Flyweight M GBR Muhammad Ali
Bantamweight M GBR Qais Ashfaq
Flyweight W GBR Nicola Adams
Lightweight M GBR Joseph Cordina
Light-welterweight M GBR Pat McCormack
Welterweight M GBR Josh Kelly
Middleweight M GBR Antony Fowler
Light-heavyweight M GBR Joshua Buatsi
Heavyweight M GBR Lawrence Okolie
Super-heavyweight M GBR Joe Joyce
Middleweight W GBR Savannah Marshall
 Boxing 2020
Flyweight M GBR Galal Yafai
Featherweight M GBR Peter Mcgrail
Flyweight W GBR Charley-Sian Davison
Lightweight M GBR Luke McCormack
Welterweight M GBR Pat McCormack
Light-heavyweight M GBR Benjamin Whittaker
Heavyweight M GBR Cheavon Clarke
Super-heavyweight M GBR Frazer Clarke
Lightweight W GBR Caroline Dubois
Middleweight W GBR Lauren Price
Featherweight W GBR Karriss Artingstall
* The list above only shows a selection of British boxers - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about British boxers at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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