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Austrian Olympic Athletes in Rowing*

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Event Athletes
 Rowing 1912
Single sculls M AUT Alfred Heinrich
Four with coxswain M AUT Emil Jand
Richard Mayer
Georg Kröder
Fritz Krombholz
Hugo Cuzna
 Rowing 1928
Double sculls M AUT Viktor Flessl
Leo Losert
 Rowing 1936
Single sculls M AUT Josef Hasenöhrl
 Rowing 1952
Four without coxswain M AUT Adolf Scheithauer
Alexander Mitterhuber
Johann Geiszler
Kurt Marz
 Rowing 1956
Single sculls M AUT Ferdinand Rabeder
Pair without coxswain M AUT Alfred Sageder
Josef Kloimstein
 Rowing 1960
Single sculls M AUT Horst Fink
Double sculls M AUT Adolf Löblich
Gottfried Dittrich
Pair without coxswain M AUT Josef Kloimstein
Alfred Sageder
Four with coxswain M AUT Dieter Ebner
Horst Kuttelwascher
Wolfdietrich Traugott
Dieter Losert
Helmuth Kuttelwascher
 Rowing 1964
Pair with coxswain M AUT Peter Salzbacher
Alfred Sageder
Josef Kloimstein
Four without coxswain M AUT Manfred Krausbar
Dieter Losert
Dieter Ebner
Horst Kuttelwascher
 Rowing 1968
Single sculls M AUT Manfred Krausbar
Pair without coxswain M AUT Dieter Losert
Dieter Ebner
 Rowing 1972
Double sculls M AUT Manfred Krausbar
Josef Puchinger
Pair without coxswain M AUT Hans Fortmüller
Ulrich Wolf
Pair with coxswain M AUT Rainer Hinteregger
Werner Grieshofer
Manfred Grieshofer
 Rowing 1976
Single sculls M AUT Ulrich Wolf
Double sculls W AUT Maria Leibetseder
Renate Sigl
 Rowing 1980
Single sculls M AUT Raimund Schmidt
Pair without coxswain M AUT Wilfried Auerbach
Thomas Linemayr
 Rowing 1984
Single sculls W AUT Astrid Unger
Single sculls M AUT Raimund Haberl
Double sculls W AUT Vera Sommerbauer
Inge Niedermayer
Double sculls M AUT Wilfried Auerbach
Thomas Linemayr
 Rowing 1988
Single sculls M AUT Arnold Jonke
Double sculls M AUT Harald Faderbauer
Thomas Musyl
Pair without coxswain M AUT Karl Sinzinger
Hermann Bauer
 Rowing 1992
Single sculls M AUT Harald Faderbauer
Double sculls M AUT Arnold Jonke
Christoph Zerbst
 Rowing 1996
Single sculls M AUT Horst Nussbaumer
Double sculls M AUT Christoph Zerbst
Arnold Jonke
Pair without coxswain M AUT Hermann Bauer
Andreas Nader
Lightweight double sculls W AUT Carola Schustereder
Monika Felizeter
Lightweight double sculls M AUT Walter Rantasa
Wolfgang Sigl
Lightweight coxless four M AUT Harald Hofmann
Martin Kobau
Christoph Schmölzer
Gernot Faderbauer
 Rowing 2000
Quadruple sculls M AUT Horst Nussbaumer
Arnold Jonke
Norbert Lambing
Raphael Hartl
Lightweight coxless four M AUT Martin Kobau
Wolfgang Sigl
Helfried Jurtschitsch
Horst Nussbaumer
 Rowing 2004
Single sculls M AUT Raphael Hartl
Lightweight coxless four M AUT Sebastian Sageder
Bernd Wakolbinger
Wolfgang Sigl
Juliusz Madecki
 Rowing 2016
Single sculls W AUT Magdalena Lobnig
Lightweight double sculls M AUT Paul Sieber
Bernhard Sieber
 Rowing 2020
Single sculls W AUT Magdalena Lobnig
* The list above only shows a selection of Austrian rowers - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about Austrian rowers at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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