Austrian figure skaters in the Olympic Games

Austrian Olympic Athletes in Figure Skating*

  Facts about Olympic Figure Skating
Event Athletes
 Figure Skating 1924
Individual W AUT Herma Planck-Szabo
Individual M AUT Willy Böckl
Pairs  AUT Alfred Berger
Helene Engelmann
 Figure Skating 1928
Individual W AUT Grete Kubitschek
Melitta Brunner
Ilse Hornung
Fritzi Burger
Individual M AUT Willy Böckl
Ludwig Wrede
Karl Schäfer
Pairs  AUT Otto Kaiser
Lilly Scholz
Ludwig Wrede
Melitta Brunner
 Figure Skating 1932
Individual W AUT Fritzi Burger
Individual M AUT Karl Schäfer
 Figure Skating 1936
Individual W AUT Bianca Schenk
Hedy Stenuf
Emmy Putzinger
Margareta Lainer
Individual M AUT Leopold Linhart
Karl Schäfer
Felix Kaspar
Hellmut May
Pairs  AUT Ilse Pausin
Fritz Wächtler
Eleanore Bäumel
Erik Pausin
 Figure Skating 1948
Individual W AUT Martha Bachem
Eva Pawlik
Hildegard Appeltauer
Inge Solar
Individual M AUT Helmut Seibt
Edi Rada
Hellmut May
Pairs  AUT Susi Giebisch
Helmut Seibt
Emil Ratzenhofer
Herta Ratzenhofer
 Figure Skating 1952
Individual W AUT Elisabeth Schwarz
Annelies Schilhan
Individual M AUT Helmut Seibt
Kurt Oppelt
Pairs  AUT Elisabeth Schwarz
Kurt Oppelt
 Figure Skating 1956
Individual W AUT Hannerl Walter
Ingrid Wendl
Hanna Eigel
Individual M AUT Robert Felsinger
Pairs  AUT Liesel Ellend
Kurt Oppelt
Konrad Lienert
Elisabeth Schwarz
 Figure Skating 1960
Individual W AUT Karin Frohner
Regine Heitzer
Individual M AUT Norbert Felsinger
Peter Jonas
 Figure Skating 1964
Individual W AUT Regine Heitzer
Ingrid Ostler
Helene Sengstschmid
Individual M AUT Wolfgang Schwarz
Peter Jonas
Emmerich Danzer
Pairs  AUT Wilhelm Bietak
Gerlinde Schönbauer
Ferry Dedovich
Inge Strell
 Figure Skating 1968
Individual W AUT Beatrix Schuba
Individual M AUT Emmerich Danzer
Wolfgang Schwarz
 Figure Skating 1972
Individual W AUT Beatrix Schuba
Sonja Balun
Individual M AUT Günter Anderl
 Figure Skating 1976
Individual W AUT Claudia Kristofics-Binder
Individual M AUT Ronald Koppelent
 Figure Skating 1980
Individual W AUT Claudia Kristofics-Binder
Ice dancing  AUT Susanne Handschmann
Peter Handschmann
 Figure Skating 1992
Individual M AUT Ralph Burghart
 Figure Skating 1998
Individual W AUT Julia Lautowa
 Figure Skating 2006
Individual M AUT Viktor Pfeifer
 Figure Skating 2010
Individual W AUT Miriam Ziegler
Individual M AUT Viktor Pfeifer
 Figure Skating 2014
Individual W AUT Kerstin Frank
Individual M AUT Viktor Pfeifer
Pairs  AUT Severin Kiefer
Miriam Ziegler
* The list above only shows a selection of Austrian figure skaters - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about Austrian figure skaters at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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