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 Boxing 1920
Featherweight M ARG Angel Rodriguez
 Boxing 1924
Flyweight M ARG Vicente Catada
Bantamweight M ARG Benito Pertuzzo
Featherweight M ARG Pedro Quartucci
Lightweight M ARG Mario Reilly
Alfredo Copello
Welterweight M ARG Hector Mendez
Alfredo Santoro
Middleweight M ARG Manuel Gallardo
Light-heavyweight M ARG Arturo Rodriguez Jurado
Heavyweight M ARG Adolfo Porzio
 Boxing 1928
Flyweight M ARG Juan Trillo
Bantamweight M ARG Carmelo Robledo
Featherweight M ARG Victor Peralta
Lightweight M ARG Pascual Bonfiglio
Welterweight M ARG Raul Landini
Middleweight M ARG Humberto Curi
Light-heavyweight M ARG Victor Avendano
Heavyweight M ARG Arturo Rodriguez Jurado
 Boxing 1932
Flyweight M ARG Juan Trillo
Bantamweight M ARG Carlos Alberto Pereyra
Featherweight M ARG Carmelo Robledo
Lightweight M ARG Eduardo Vargas
Welterweight M ARG Luis Sardella
Middleweight M ARG Amado Azar
Light-heavyweight M ARG Rafael Lang
Heavyweight M ARG Santiago Alberto Lovell
 Boxing 1936
Flyweight M ARG Alfredo Carlomagno
Bantamweight M ARG Leonardo Gula
Featherweight M ARG Oscar Casanovas
Lightweight M ARG Lidoro Oliver
Welterweight M ARG Raul Rodriguez
Middleweight M ARG Raul Villarreal
Light-heavyweight M ARG Francisco Risiglione
Heavyweight M ARG Guillermo Lovell
 Boxing 1948
Flyweight M ARG Pascual Perez
Bantamweight M ARG Arnoldo Pares
Featherweight M ARG Francisco Nunez
Lightweight M ARG Manuel Lopez
Welterweight M ARG Eladio Herrera
Middleweight M ARG Hector Garcia
Light-heavyweight M ARG Gualberto Maurio Cia
Heavyweight M ARG Argentino Iglesias
 Boxing 1952
Flyweight M ARG Alberto Barenghi
Bantamweight M ARG Romulo Pares
Featherweight M ARG Angel Leyes
Lightweight M ARG Americo Bonetti
Light-welterweight M ARG Oscar Gallardo
Welterweight M ARG Marcos Sarfatti
Light-middleweight M ARG Eladio Herrera
Middleweight M ARG Hector Maturano
Light-heavyweight M ARG Antonio Pacenza
Heavyweight M ARG Jose Sartor
 Boxing 1956
Flyweight M ARG Abel Laudonio
Bantamweight M ARG Carmelo Adolfo Tomaselli
Featherweight M ARG Tristan Octavio Falfan
Lightweight M ARG Francisco Nunez
Light-welterweight M ARG Antonio Salvador Mancilla
Welterweight M ARG Francisco Gelabert
Light-middleweight M ARG Alberto Saenz
Middleweight M ARG Victor Zalazar
Light-heavyweight M ARG Rodolfo Diaz
Heavyweight M ARG Jose Giorgetti
 Boxing 1960
Flyweight M ARG Miguel Botta
Bantamweight M ARG Carlos Canete
Featherweight M ARG Carlos Aro
Lightweight M ARG Abel Laudonio
Light-welterweight M ARG Luis Aranda
Welterweight M ARG Aurelio Gonzalez
Light-middleweight M ARG Celedonio Lima
Middleweight M ARG Rodolfo Loza
Light-heavyweight M ARG Rafael Gargiulo
Heavyweight M ARG Hector Corletti
 Boxing 1964
Flyweight M ARG Luis Romo
Bantamweight M ARG Abel Almaraz
Featherweight M ARG Hugo Martinez
Lightweight M ARG Hector Pace
Light-welterweight M ARG Roberto Amaya
Welterweight M ARG Felipe Pereyra
Light-middleweight M ARG Jose Roberto Chirino
Middleweight M ARG Juan Aguilar
Light-heavyweight M ARG Rafael Gargiulo
Heavyweight M ARG Santiago Lowell
 Boxing 1968
Light-flyweight M ARG Roberto Urretavizcaya
Flyweight M ARG Tito Pereyra
Bantamweight M ARG Domingo Casco
Featherweight M ARG Miguel Garcia
Lightweight M ARG Pedro Aguera
Welterweight M ARG Mario Guilloti
Light-middleweight M ARG Victor Galindez
 Boxing 1972
Light-flyweight M ARG Carlos Leyes
Featherweight M ARG Alberto Mario Ortiz
Lightweight M ARG Antonio Comaschi
Light-welterweight M ARG Walter Desiderio Gomez
Light-heavyweight M ARG Miguel Angel Cuello
 Boxing 1976
Light-flyweight M ARG Hector Patri
Light-welterweight M ARG Luis Portillo
Light-heavyweight M ARG Juan Suarez
 Boxing 1984
Light-flyweight M ARG Carlos Salazar
Flyweight M ARG Rubén Carballo
Bantamweight M ARG Pedro Ruben Decima
Welterweight M ARG Daniel Dominguez
Light-middleweight M ARG Gustavo Ollo
Middleweight M ARG Hugo Corti
Light-heavyweight M ARG Roberto Oviedo
 Boxing 1988
Light-flyweight M ARG Carlos Eluaiza
Featherweight M ARG Domingo Damigella
Light-middleweight M ARG Jorge Oscar Lopez
Heavyweight M ARG Juan Antonio Diaz
 Boxing 1992
Bantamweight M ARG Remigio Molina
Featherweight M ARG Jorge Maglioni
Heavyweight M ARG Elio Ibarra
 Boxing 1996
Flyweight M ARG Omar Narvaez
Featherweight M ARG Pablo Chacon
Lightweight M ARG Fabrizio Nieva
Welterweight M ARG Guillermo Saputo
Light-middleweight M ARG Oscar Gomez
 Boxing 2000
Flyweight M ARG Omar Narvaez
Bantamweight M ARG Ceferino Labarda
Featherweight M ARG Israel Hector Perez
Light-welterweight M ARG Victor Hugo Castro
Welterweight M ARG Guillermo Saputo
Middleweight M ARG Mariano Carrera
Light-heavyweight M ARG Hugo Garay
 Boxing 2004
Featherweight M ARG Daniel Brizuela
 Boxing 2008
Middleweight M ARG Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna
 Boxing 2012
Bantamweight M ARG Alberto Melian
Heavyweight M ARG Yamil Peralta Jara
 Boxing 2016
Light-flyweight M ARG Leandro Blanc
Flyweight M ARG Fernando Martinez
Bantamweight M ARG Alberto Melian
Lightweight M ARG Ignacio Perrin
Welterweight M ARG Alberto Palmetta
Heavyweight M ARG Yamil Peralta Jara
 Boxing 2020
Flyweight M ARG Ramon Quiroga
Featherweight M ARG Mirco Jehiel Cuello
Welterweight M ARG Brian Arregui
Middleweight M ARG Francisco Veron
Lightweight W ARG Dayana Sanchez
* The list above only shows a selection of Argentinian boxers - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about Argentinian boxers at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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