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 Boxing 1904
Flyweight M USA George Finnegan
Miles Burke
Bantamweight M USA Oliver Kirk
George Finnegan
Featherweight M USA Fred Gilmore
Frank Haller
Oliver Kirk
Lightweight M USA Carroll Bollinger
Harry Spanger
Kenneth Jewett
Joseph Lydon
Jack Eagan
Russell Van Horn
Arthur Seward
Peter Sturholdt
Welterweight M USA Joseph Lydon
Albert Young
Harry Spanger
Jack Eagan
Middleweight M USA Benjamin Spradley
Charles Mayer
Heavyweight M USA William Michaels
Charles Mayer
Samuel Berger
 Boxing 1920
Flyweight M USA Peter Zivic
Frank DiGennara
Bantamweight M USA Edward Hartman
Sam Vogel
Featherweight M USA George Etcell
Jack Zivic
Lightweight M USA Frank Cassidy
Samuel Mosberg
Welterweight M USA Frederick Colberg
William Clark
Middleweight M USA Joseph Cranston
Samuel Lagonia
Light-heavyweight M USA Edward Eagan
Edwin Schell
Heavyweight M USA William Spengler
Samuel Stewart
 Boxing 1924
Flyweight M USA Fidel LaBarba
Raymond Fee
Bantamweight M USA Joseph Lazarus
Salvatore Tripoli
Featherweight M USA John Fields
Joseph Salas
Lightweight M USA Frederick Boylstein
Benjamin Rothwell
Welterweight M USA Alfons Mello Travers
Hugh Haggerty
Middleweight M USA Benjamin Funk
James Lefkowitch
Light-heavyweight M USA Thomas Kirby
George Mulholland
Heavyweight M USA Edward Eagan
Edward Greathouse
 Boxing 1928
Flyweight M USA Hyman Miller
Bantamweight M USA John Daley
Featherweight M USA Harold Devine
Lightweight M USA Stephen Michael Halaiko
Welterweight M USA Thomas Lown
Middleweight M USA Harry Henderson
Light-heavyweight M USA Leon Lucas
Heavyweight M USA Alexander Kaletchitz
 Boxing 1932
Flyweight M USA Louis Salica
Bantamweight M USA Joseph Lang
Featherweight M USA John Hines
Lightweight M USA Nathan Bor
Welterweight M USA Edward Flynn
Middleweight M USA Carmen Barth
Light-heavyweight M USA John Miler
Heavyweight M USA Frederick Feary
 Boxing 1936
Flyweight M USA Louis Daniel Laurie
Bantamweight M USA Jack Wilson
Featherweight M USA Theodoro Kara
Lightweight M USA Andrew Scrivani
Welterweight M USA Chester Rutecki
Middleweight M USA James Atkinson
Light-heavyweight M USA Carl Vinciquerra
Heavyweight M USA Arthur Oliver
 Boxing 1948
Flyweight M USA Frank Sodano
Bantamweight M USA Bill Bossio
Featherweight M USA Edward Johnson
Lightweight M USA Wallace Smith
Welterweight M USA Horace Herring
Middleweight M USA Washington Jones
Light-heavyweight M USA Chuck Spieser
Heavyweight M USA Jay Lambert
 Boxing 1952
Flyweight M USA Nathan Brooks
Bantamweight M USA David Moore
Featherweight M USA Edson Brown
Lightweight M USA Robert Bickle
Light-welterweight M USA Charles Adkins
Welterweight M USA Lou Gage
Light-middleweight M USA Spider Webb
Middleweight M USA Floyd Patterson
Light-heavyweight M USA Norvel Lee
Heavyweight M USA Edward Sanders
 Boxing 1956
Flyweight M USA Ray Perez
Lightweight M USA Louis Molina
Light-welterweight M USA Joseph Shaw
Welterweight M USA Pearce Allen Lane
Light-middleweight M USA Jose Torres
Middleweight M USA Roger Rouse
Light-heavyweight M USA James Boyd
Heavyweight M USA Peter Rademacher
 Boxing 1960
Flyweight M USA Humberto Barrera
Bantamweight M USA Jerry Armstrong
Featherweight M USA Nick Spanakos
Lightweight M USA Harry Campbell
Light-welterweight M USA Quincey Daniels
Welterweight M USA Phillip Baldwin
Light-middleweight M USA Wilbert McClure
Middleweight M USA Edward Crook
Light-heavyweight M USA Cassius Clay
Heavyweight M USA Percy Price
 Boxing 1964
Flyweight M USA Robert Carmody
Bantamweight M USA Louis Johnson
Featherweight M USA Charles Brown
Lightweight M USA Ronald Harris
Light-welterweight M USA Charley Ellis
Welterweight M USA Maurice Frilot
Light-middleweight M USA Toby Gibson
Middleweight M USA Jimmy Rosette
Light-heavyweight M USA Robert Christopherson
Heavyweight M USA Joseph Frazier
 Boxing 1968
Light-flyweight M USA Harlan Marbley
Flyweight M USA David Vasquez
Bantamweight M USA Samuel Goss
Featherweight M USA Albert Robinson
Lightweight M USA Ronald Harris
Light-welterweight M USA James Wallington
Welterweight M USA Armando Muniz
Light-middleweight M USA John Baldwin
Middleweight M USA Alfred Jones
Light-heavyweight M USA Arthur Redden
Heavyweight M USA George Foreman
 Boxing 1972
Light-flyweight M USA Davey Armstrong
Flyweight M USA Tim Dement
Bantamweight M USA Ricardo Carreras
Featherweight M USA Louis Self
Lightweight M USA James Busceme
Light-welterweight M USA Ray Seales
Welterweight M USA Jesse Valdez
Light-middleweight M USA Reggie Jones
Middleweight M USA Marvin Johnson
Light-heavyweight M USA Raymond Russell
Heavyweight M USA Duane Bobick
 Boxing 1976
Light-flyweight M USA Louis Curtis
Flyweight M USA Leo Randolph
Bantamweight M USA Charles Mooney
Featherweight M USA David Armstrong
Lightweight M USA Howard Davis
Light-welterweight M USA Ray Leonard
Welterweight M USA Clinton Jackson
Light-middleweight M USA Chuck Walker
Middleweight M USA Michael Spinks
Light-heavyweight M USA Leon Spinks
Heavyweight M USA Johnny Tate
 Boxing 1984
Light-flyweight M USA Paul Gonzalez
Flyweight M USA Steven McCrory
Bantamweight M USA Robert Shannon
Featherweight M USA Meldrich Taylor
Lightweight M USA Pernell Whitaker
Light-welterweight M USA Jerry Page
Welterweight M USA Mark Breland
Light-middleweight M USA Frank Tate
Middleweight M USA Virgil Hill
Light-heavyweight M USA Evander Holyfield
Heavyweight M USA Henry Tillman
Super-heavyweight M USA Tyrell Biggs
 Boxing 1988
Light-flyweight M USA Michael Carbajal
Flyweight M USA Arthur Johnson
Bantamweight M USA Kennedy McKinney
Featherweight M USA Kelcie Banks
Lightweight M USA Romallis Ellis
Light-welterweight M USA Todd Foster
Welterweight M USA Kenneth Gould
Light-middleweight M USA Roy Jones
Middleweight M USA Anthony Hembrick
Light-heavyweight M USA Andrew Maynard
Heavyweight M USA Raymond Mercer
Super-heavyweight M USA Riddick Bowe
 Boxing 1992
Light-flyweight M USA Eric Griffin
Flyweight M USA Timothy Austin
Bantamweight M USA Sergio Reyes
Featherweight M USA Julian Wheeler
Lightweight M USA Oscar De La Hoya
Light-welterweight M USA Vernon Forrest
Welterweight M USA Pepe Reilly
Light-middleweight M USA Raul Marquez
Middleweight M USA Chris Byrd
Light-heavyweight M USA Montell Griffin
Heavyweight M USA Danell Nicholson
Super-heavyweight M USA Larry Donald
 Boxing 1996
Light-flyweight M USA Albert Guardado
Flyweight M USA Eric Morel
Bantamweight M USA Zahir Raheem
Featherweight M USA Floyd Mayweather
Lightweight M USA Terrance Cauthen
Light-welterweight M USA David Diaz
Welterweight M USA Fernando Vargas
Light-middleweight M USA David Reid
Middleweight M USA Roshii Wells
Light-heavyweight M USA Antonio Tarver
Heavyweight M USA Nate Jones
Super-heavyweight M USA Lawrence Clay-Bey
 Boxing 2000
Light-flyweight M USA Brian Viloria
Flyweight M USA Jose Navarro
Bantamweight M USA Clarence Vinson
Featherweight M USA Ricardo Juarez
Lightweight M USA David Jackson
Light-welterweight M USA Ricardo Williams
Welterweight M USA Dante Craig
Light-middleweight M USA Jermain Taylor
Middleweight M USA Jeff Lacey
Light-heavyweight M USA Olanda Anderson
Heavyweight M USA Michel Bennett
Super-heavyweight M USA Calvin Brock
 Boxing 2004
Light-flyweight M USA Raushee Warren
Flyweight M USA Ronald Siler
Lightweight M USA Vicente Escobedo
Light-welterweight M USA Rock Allen
Welterweight M USA Vanes Martirosyan
Middleweight M USA Andre Dirrell
Light-heavyweight M USA Andre Ward
Heavyweight M USA Devin Vargas
Super-heavyweight M USA Jason Estrada
 Boxing 2008
Light-flyweight M USA Luis Yanez
Flyweight M USA Raushee Warren
Featherweight M USA Raynell Williams
Lightweight M USA Sadam Ali
Light-welterweight M USA Javier Molina
Welterweight M USA Demetrius Andrade
Middleweight M USA Shawn Estrada
Heavyweight M USA Deontay Wilder
 Boxing 2012
Flyweight M USA Raushee Warren
Bantamweight M USA Joseph Diaz
Lightweight M USA Jose Ramirez
Light-welterweight M USA Jamel Herring
Welterweight M USA Errol Spence
Middleweight M USA Terrell Gausha
Light-heavyweight M USA Marcus Browne
Heavyweight M USA Michael Hunter
Super-heavyweight M USA Dominic Breazeale
Flyweight W USA Marlen Esparza
Lightweight W USA Quanitta Underwood
Middleweight W USA Claressa Shields
 Boxing 2016
Light-flyweight M USA Nico Miguel Hernandez
Flyweight M USA Antonio Vargas
Bantamweight M USA Shakur Stevenson
Lightweight M USA Carlos Balderas
Light-welterweight M USA Gary Russell
Middleweight M USA Charles Conwell
Lightweight W USA Mikaela Joslin Mayer
Middleweight W USA Claressa Shields
 Boxing 2020
Featherweight M USA Duke Ragan
Flyweight W USA Virginia Fuchs
Lightweight M USA Keyshawn Davis
Welterweight M USA Delante Johnson
Middleweight M USA Troy Isley
Super-heavyweight M USA Richard Torrez
Lightweight W USA Rashida Ellis
Middleweight W USA Naomi Graham
Featherweight W USA Yarisel Ramirez
Welterweight W USA Oshae Jones
* The list above only shows a selection of American boxers - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about American boxers at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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