Sprint W - Cycling at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio - Results

Women's Sprint - Cycling
Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Cycling at the Rio 2016 Olympics  Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Cycling
Women's Sprint 2016
Kristina Vogel GER2
Rebecca James GBR0
Katy Marchant GBR2
4. Elis Lightlee NED0
5. Zhong Tianshi CHN11,197
6. Wai Sze Lee HKG
7. Simona Krupeckaite LTU
8. Anastasiia Voinova RUS
9. Natasha Hansen NZL11,795
10. Anna Meares AUS
11. Miriam Welte GER
12. Virginie Cueff FRA
Rebecca James GBR2
Elis Lightlee NED0
Kristina Vogel GER2
Katy Marchant GBR0
Rebecca James GBR2
Zhong Tianshi CHN0
Katy Marchant GBR2
Simona Krupeckaite LTU0
Kristina Vogel GER2
Wai Sze Lee HKG0
Elis Lightlee NED2
Anastasiia Voinova RUS0
Repechage from round 2
1. Simona Krupeckaite LTU11,614 Q
2. Virginie Cueff FRA
3. Natasha Hansen NZL
1. Zhong Tianshi CHN11,557 Q
2. Anna Meares AUS
3. Miriam Welte GER
Round 2
Rebecca James GBR11,375 Q
Virginie Cueff FRA
Katy Marchant GBR12,247 Q
Miriam Welte GER
Wai Sze Lee HKG11551 Q
Anna Meares AUS
Elis Lightlee NED11,360 Q
Simona Krupeckaite LTU
Anastasiia Voinova RUS11,271 Q
Zhong Tianshi CHN
Kristina Vogel GER11,197 Q
Natasha Hansen NZL
Repechage from round 1
1. Anna Meares AUS11,716 Q
2. Olga Panarina AZE
3. Laurine van Riessen NED
1. Miriam Welte GER11,466 Q
2. Kate O'Brien CAN
3. Monique Sullivan CAN
1. Virginie Cueff FRA11,496 Q
2. Stephanie Morton AUS
3. Gong Jinjie CHN
Round 1
Rebecca James GBR11,377 Q
Olga Panarina AZE
Katy Marchant GBR11,499 Q
Monique Sullivan CAN
Wai Sze Lee HKG11,355 Q
Virginie Cueff FRA
Elis Lightlee NED11,425 Q
Gong Jinjie CHN
Zhong Tianshi CHN11,310 Q
Miriam Welte GER
Kristina Vogel GER11,279 Q
Laurine van Riessen NED
Natasha Hansen NZL11,400 Q
Kate O'Brien CAN
Anastasiia Voinova RUS11,503 Q
Stephanie Morton AUS
Simona Krupeckaite LTU11,308 Q
Anna Meares AUS
Qualifying round
1. Rebecca James GBR10,721 Q
2. Katy Marchant GBR10,787 Q
3. Wai Sze Lee HKG10,800 Q
4. Elis Lightlee NED10,803 Q
5. Zhong Tianshi CHN10,820 Q
6. Kristina Vogel GER10,865 Q
7. Natasha Hansen NZL10,871 Q
8. Stephanie Morton AUS10,875 Q
9. Anna Meares AUS10,947 Q
10. Simona Krupeckaite LTU10,978 Q
11. Anastasiia Voinova RUS10,985 Q
12. Kate O'Brien CAN11,020 Q
13. Laurine van Riessen NED11,023 Q
14. Miriam Welte GER11,038 Q
15. Gong Jinjie CHN11,068 Q
16. Virginie Cueff FRA11,099 Q
17. Monique Sullivan CAN11,143 Q
18. Olga Panarina AZE11,152 Q
19. Tania Calvo Barbero ESP11,162
20. Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB11,171
21. Fatehah Mustapa MAS11,207
22. Darya Shmelyova RUS11,230
23. Olivia Podmore NZL11,315
24. Juliana Gaviria Rendon COL11,505
25. Sandie Clair FRA11,517
26. Helena Casas Roige ESP11,707
27. Ebtissam Mohamed EGY12,920
Women's Sprint - Cycling - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Event Format: The individual sprint is a three laps race between two riders. Riders competed in finals, semifinals, quarterfinals and some preliminary rounds and repechage rounds.

Event facts: Women's Sprint competition was held at the Rio Olympic Velodrome and 27 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Women's Sprint - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics - are based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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