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 Boxing 1924
Lightweight M HUN Bela Löwig
 Boxing 1928
Flyweight M HUN Antal Kocsis
Bantamweight M HUN Janos Szeles
Featherweight M HUN Miklos Gelbai
Lightweight M HUN Sandor Szobolevszky
 Boxing 1932
Flyweight M HUN Istvan Enekes
Middleweight M HUN Louis Szigeti
 Boxing 1936
Bantamweight M HUN Frigyes Kubinyi
Featherweight M HUN Dezsö Frigyes
Lightweight M HUN Imre Harangi
Welterweight M HUN Imre Mandi
Middleweight M HUN Lajos Szigeti
Heavyweight M HUN Ferenc Nagy
 Boxing 1948
Flyweight M HUN Miksa Bondi
Bantamweight M HUN Tibor Csik
Featherweight M HUN Bela Farkas
Welterweight M HUN Gusztav Bene
Middleweight M HUN Laszlo Papp
Light-heavyweight M HUN György Kapocsi
 Boxing 1952
Flyweight M HUN Kornel Molnar
Featherweight M HUN Janos Erdei
Lightweight M HUN Istvan Juhasz
Light-welterweight M HUN Bela Farkas
Welterweight M HUN Pal Budai
Light-middleweight M HUN Laszlo Papp
Middleweight M HUN Matyas Plachy
Light-heavyweight M HUN Istvan Fazekas
Heavyweight M HUN Laszlo Bene
 Boxing 1956
Welterweight M HUN Andras Döri
Light-middleweight M HUN Laszlo Papp
 Boxing 1960
Flyweight M HUN Gyula Török
Bantamweight M HUN Jozsef Nagy
Featherweight M HUN Lajos Baranyai
Lightweight M HUN Ferenc Kellner
Light-welterweight M HUN György Pal
Welterweight M HUN Laszlo Sebok
 Boxing 1964
Flyweight M HUN Tibor Papp
Bantamweight M HUN Gyula Török
Lightweight M HUN Janos Kajdi
Light-welterweight M HUN Istvan Toth
Light-middleweight M HUN Laszlo Sebok
Light-heavyweight M HUN Bela Istvan Horvath
 Boxing 1968
Light-flyweight M HUN György Gedo
Flyweight M HUN Tibor Badari
Bantamweight M HUN Gyula Szabo
Lightweight M HUN Laszlo Gula
Light-welterweight M HUN Janos Kajdi
Welterweight M HUN Istvan Gali
 Boxing 1972
Light-flyweight M HUN György Gedo
Flyweight M HUN Sandor Orban
Featherweight M HUN Andras Botos
Lightweight M HUN Lazlo Orban
Welterweight M HUN Janos Kajdi
Light-heavyweight M HUN Imre Toth
Heavyweight M HUN Jozsef Reder
 Boxing 1976
Light-flyweight M HUN György Gedo
Flyweight M HUN Sandor Orban
Bantamweight M HUN Jozsef Jakab
Featherweight M HUN Tibor Badari
Lightweight M HUN Andras Botos
Light-welterweight M HUN Jozef Nagy
Light-heavyweight M HUN Vilmos Jakab
Heavyweight M HUN Laszlo Pakozdi
 Boxing 1980
Light-flyweight M HUN György Gedo
Flyweight M HUN Janos Varadi
Bantamweight M HUN Sandor Farkas
Featherweight M HUN Robert Gönczi
Lightweight M HUN Tibor Dezamits
Light-welterweight M HUN Imre Bacskai
Welterweight M HUN Imre Csjef
Light-heavyweight M HUN Csaba Kuzma
Heavyweight M HUN Istvan Levai
 Boxing 1988
Light-flyweight M HUN Robert Isaszegi
Flyweight M HUN Janos Varadi
Featherweight M HUN Laszlo Szöke
Lightweight M HUN Istvan Turu
Light-welterweight M HUN Lorant Szabo
Welterweight M HUN Imre Bacskai
Middleweight M HUN Zoltan Fuzesy
Light-heavyweight M HUN Lajos Eros
Heavyweight M HUN Gyula Alvics
 Boxing 1992
Light-flyweight M HUN Pall Lakatos
Flyweight M HUN Istvan Kovacs
Bantamweight M HUN Laszlo Bognar
Lightweight M HUN János Petrovics
Light-welterweight M HUN Laszlo Szücs
Light-middleweight M HUN György Mizsei
Light-heavyweight M HUN Zoltan Beres
Super-heavyweight M HUN Istvan Szikora
 Boxing 1996
Bantamweight M HUN Istvan Kovacs
Featherweight M HUN Janos Nagy
Welterweight M HUN Jazcef Nagy
Light-middleweight M HUN György Mizsei
Middleweight M HUN Zsolt Erdei
 Boxing 2000
Light-flyweight M HUN Pall Lakatos
Light-middleweight M HUN Karoly Balzsay
Middleweight M HUN Zsolt Erdei
 Boxing 2004
Light-flyweight M HUN Pal Bedak
Bantamweight M HUN Zsolt Bedak
Lightweight M HUN Gyula Kate
Welterweight M HUN Vilmos Balog
Middleweight M HUN Karoly Balzsay
 Boxing 2008
Light-flyweight M HUN Pal Bedak
Flyweight M HUN Norbert Kalucza
Lightweight M HUN Miklos Varga
Light-welterweight M HUN Gyula Kate
Light-heavyweight M HUN Imre Szello
 Boxing 2012
Lightweight M HUN Miklos Varga
Light-welterweight M HUN Gyula Kate
Middleweight M HUN Zoltan Harcsa
 Boxing 2016
Welterweight M HUN Balazs Bacskai
Middleweight M HUN Zoltan Harcsa
 Boxing 2020
Featherweight M HUN Roland Galos
* The list above only shows a selection of Hungarian boxers - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about Hungarian boxers at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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