Heavyweight M - Judo at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens - Results

Men's Heavyweight - Judo
Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

Judo at the Athens 2004 Olympics  Athens 2004 Olympic Games - Judo
Men's Heavyweight 2004
Keiji Suzuki JPN1-0-0-0
Tamerlan Tmenov RUS0-0-0-0
Dennis van der Geest NED
Indrek Pertelson EST
Bronze Medal Contests
Dennis van der Geest NED0-2-0-1
Seyed Mahmoudreza Miran IRI0-0-0-1
Indrek Pertelson EST1-0-0-0
Paolo Bianchessi ITA0-0-0-0
Repechage 3 for Bronze Medal
Dennis van der Geest NED1-0-0-0
Andreas Tölzer GER0-0-0-0
Indrek Pertelson EST0-2-0-0
Selim Tataroglu TUR0-1-0-0
Repechage 2 for Bronze Medal
Dennis van der Geest NED1-0-0-0
Kim Sung-beom KOR0-0-0-1
Andreas Tölzer GER1-0-0-0
Yury Rybak BLR0-0-0-0
Selim Tataroglu TUR0-1-1-0
Semir Pepic AUS0-0-1-0
Indrek Pertelson EST1-1-1-0
Daniel Hernandes BRA0-1-0-0
Repechage 1 for Bronze Medal
Kim Sung-beom KOR1-0-0-0
Vitaliy Polyanskyy UKR0-0-0-0
Andreas Tölzer GER0-2-0-0
Charalampos Papaioannou GRE0-0-0-0
Selim Tataroglu TUR1-0-0-0
Joel Brutus HAI0-0-0-0
Daniel Hernandes BRA1-0-0-0
Gabriel Munteanu ROU0-0-0-0
Keiji Suzuki JPN1-0-1-0
Paolo Bianchessi ITA0-0-0-1
Tamerlan Tmenov RUS1-1-1-0
Seyed Mahmoudreza Miran IRI0-0-1-0
Paolo Bianchessi ITA0-0-0-1
Dennis van der Geest NED0-0-0-0
Keiji Suzuki JPN1-0-1-1
Yury Rybak BLR0-1-0-0
Seyed Mahmoudreza Miran IRI0-1-1-0
Semir Pepic AUS0-1-0-0
Tamerlan Tmenov RUS1-1-1-0
Indrek Pertelson EST0-0-0-1
Round 3
Paolo Bianchessi ITA0-2-0-1
Vitaliy Polyanskyy UKR0-0-0-0
Dennis van der Geest NED1-0-0-1
Yeldos Ikhsangaliyev KAZ0-0-0-1
Keiji Suzuki JPN1-1-0-1
Charalampos Papaioannou GRE0-0-0-1
Yury Rybak BLR0-2-1-0
Pan Song CHN0-0-0-0
Seyed Mahmoudreza Miran IRI1-0-0-2
Selim Tataroglu TUR0-0-0-1
Semir Pepic AUS1-0-1-0
Martin Boonzaayer USA0-0-0-0
Tamerlan Tmenov RUS1-1-1-0
Daniel Hernandes BRA0-0-0-0
Indrek Pertelson EST0-0-2-1
Abdullo Tangriev UZB0-0-1-0
Round 2
Vitaliy Polyanskyy UKR1-0-0-0
Islam El Shehaby EGY0-0-0-0
Paolo Bianchessi ITA0-2-0-0
Kim Sung-beom KOR0-0-0-0
Dennis van der Geest NED1-0-0-0
Luis Moran HON0-0-0-0
Yeldos Ikhsangaliyev KAZ1-0-0-0
Hadir Lazame IRQ0-0-0-0
Keiji Suzuki JPN0-1-2-0
Andreas Tölzer GER0-0-1-0
Charalampos Papaioannou GRE1-0-1-0
Leonel Wilfredo Ruiz VEN0-0-0-0
Yury Rybak BLR1-0-0-1
Orlando Baccino ARG0-0-0-0
Pan Song CHN1-0-0-1
Grzegorz Eitel POL0-0-0-0
Seyed Mahmoudreza Miran IRI1-0-0-2
Joel Brutus HAI0-0-0-1
Selim Tataroglu TUR1-0-1-1
Lasha Gujejiani GEO0-0-0-0
Martin Boonzaayer USA1-0-1-0
Majid Al Ali KUW0-0-0-0
Semir Pepic AUS1-0-0-0
Sergio Camacho COL0-0-0-0
Daniel Hernandes BRA0-1-0-0
Chukwuemeka Onyemachi NGR0-0-0-0
Tamerlan Tmenov RUS1-1-1-0
Gabriel Munteanu ROU0-0-0-0
Abdullo Tangriev UZB1-1-2-0
Mathieu Bataille FRA0-0-0-1
Indrek Pertelson EST1-0-1-0
Mohamed Bouaichaoui ALG0-0-0-1
Round 1
Kim Sung-beom KOR0-0-1-0
Aytami Ruano ESP0-0-0-1
Men's Heavyweight - Judo - Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

Event Format: The competition was a single elimination tournament with a special repechage tournament for the bronze medals. Athletes competed in preliminary rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The winner of the final was the Gold medal winner and the loser of the final received the silver medal. Each athlete who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage tournament for the right to face a semifinal loser for a bronze medal. The winners of the two final repechage matches received bronze medals.

Event facts: Men's Heavyweight competition was held at the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall and 33 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Men's Heavyweight - Athens 2004 Summer Olympics - are based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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