Extra-lightweight M - Judo at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens - Results

Men's Extra-lightweight - Judo
Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

Judo at the Athens 2004 Olympics  Athens 2004 Olympic Games - Judo
Men's Extra-lightweight 2004
Tadahiro Nomura JPN0-1-0-0
Nestor Chergiani GEO0-0-0-1
Khasbaatar Tsangaanbaatar MGL
Choi Min-ho KOR
Bronze Medal Contests
Khasbaatar Tsangaanbaatar MGL0-0-1-0
Kenji Uematsu ESP0-0-0-0
Choi Min-ho KOR1-0-0-2
Masoud Haji Akhondzade IRI0-0-0-0
Repechage 3 for Bronze Medal
Kenji Uematsu ESP1-0-0-0
Revazi Zintiridis GRE0-1-0-0
Choi Min-ho KOR1-1-1-0
Oliver Gussenberg GER0-0-0-0
Repechage 2 for Bronze Medal
Kenji Uematsu ESP0-0-0-1
Evgeny Stanev RUS0-0-0-0
Revazi Zintiridis GRE1-0-0-0
Jean Cameroun CMR0-0-0-0
Choi Min-ho KOR1-0-0-0
Akram Shah IND0-0-0-0
Oliver Gussenberg GER1-0-0-0
Miguel Albarracin ARG0-0-0-0
Repechage 1 for Bronze Medal
Kenji Uematsu ESP0-2-0-0
Bazarbek Donbay KAZ0-0-0-1
Jean Cameroun CMR1-0-0-0
Armen Nazaryan ARM0-0-0-0
Akram Shah IND1-1-0-0
Taraje Williams-Murray USA0-0-0-0
Oliver Gussenberg GER0-0-1-2
Modesto Lara DOM0-0-0-0
Nestor Chergiani GEO0-1-2-2
Masoud Haji Akhondzade IRI0-0-1-1
Tadahiro Nomura JPN1-0-0-0
Khasbaatar Tsangaanbaatar MGL0-0-0-0
Nestor Chergiani GEO0-1-2-0
Evgeny Stanev RUS0-0-1-0
Masoud Haji Akhondzade IRI1-0-0-0
Revazi Zintiridis GRE0-0-2-1
Khasbaatar Tsangaanbaatar MGL1-0-0-0
Choi Min-ho KOR0-0-0-0
Tadahiro Nomura JPN1-0-0-0
Miguel Albarracin ARG0-0-0-0
Round 3
Evgeny Stanev RUS1-0-0-1
Anis Lounifi TUN0-0-0-0
Nestor Chergiani GEO0-0-1-0
Bazarbek Donbay KAZ0-0-0-0
Revazi Zintiridis GRE1-0-1-0
Craig Fallon GBR0-1-1-0
Masoud Haji Akhondzade IRI0-0-1-0
Armen Nazaryan ARM0-0-0-1
Khasbaatar Tsangaanbaatar MGL1-0-0-0
Taraje Williams-Murray USA0-0-0-0
Choi Min-ho KOR0-1-1-3
Benjamin Darbelet FRA0-1-0-1
Tadahiro Nomura JPN1-0-0-0
Oliver Gussenberg GER0-0-0-0
Miguel Albarracin ARG1-0-0-0
Cristobal Aburto MEX0-0-0-2
Round 2
Evgeny Stanev RUS1-0-0-0
Younes Ahamdi MAR0-0-0-0
Anis Lounifi TUN1-0-0-0
Pak Nam-chol PRK0-0-0-1
Nestor Chergiani GEO1-0-0-1
Kenji Uematsu ESP0-0-1-0
Bazarbek Donbay KAZ1-0-0-0
Omar Rebahi ALG0-0-0-0
Craig Fallon GBR1-0-0-0
Scott Fernandis AUS0-0-0-0
Revazi Zintiridis GRE0-0-1-1
Sanjar Zokirov UZB0-0-0-0
Masoud Haji Akhondzade IRI0-0-3-0
Jean Cameroun CMR0-0-0-1
Armen Nazaryan ARM0-1-0-1
Alexandre Lee BEL0-0-0-1
Khasbaatar Tsangaanbaatar MGL1-0-0-0
Akram Shah IND0-0-0-0
Taraje Williams-Murray USA1-0-1-0
Gal Yekutiel ISR0-0-0-0
Benjamin Darbelet FRA0-0-1-0
Reiver Alvarenga VEN0-0-0-2
Choi Min-ho KOR1-1-0-0
Ludwig Paischer AUT0-0-0-1
Tadahiro Nomura JPN1-1-2-0
Modesto Lara DOM0-0-0-0
Oliver Gussenberg GER1-0-1-0
Siarhei Novikau BLR0-1-0-0
Cristobal Aburto MEX0-0-0-2
David Fernandez CRC0-0-0-0
Miguel Albarracin ARG1-0-0-1
Francis Labrosse SEY0-0-0-0
Round 1
Gal Yekutiel ISR0-1-0-1
Albertas Techovas LTU0-0-0-0
Men's Extra-lightweight - Judo - Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

Event Format: The competition was a single elimination tournament with a special repechage tournament for the bronze medals. Athletes competed in preliminary rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The winner of the final was the Gold medal winner and the loser of the final received the silver medal. Each athlete who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage tournament for the right to face a semifinal loser for a bronze medal. The winners of the two final repechage matches received bronze medals.

Event facts: Men's Extra-lightweight competition was held at the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall and 33 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Men's Extra-lightweight - Athens 2004 Summer Olympics - are based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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