Cross M - Snowboard at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang - Results

Men's Cross - Snowboard
PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Snowboard at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics  PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games - Snowboard
Men's Cross 2018
Pierre Vaultier FRA
Jarryd Hughes AUS
Regino Hernandez ESP
4. Nick Baumgartner USA
5. Mick Dierdorff USA
Alex Pullin AUS dnf
6. Alessandro Hämmerle AUT
7. Martin Nörl GER
8. Anton Lindfors FIN
9. Cameron Bolton AUS
Christopher Robanske CAN dns
Nikolay Olyunin OAR dns
Semifinal - Heat 1
1. Alex Pullin AUS Q
2. Jarryd Hughes AUS Q
3. Pierre Vaultier FRA Q
4. Cameron Bolton AUS
5. Alessandro Hämmerle AUT
Nikolay Olyunin OAR dnf
Semifinal - Heat 2
1. Regino Hernandez ESP Q
2. Nick Baumgartner USA Q
3. Mick Dierdorff USA Q
4. Martin Nörl GER
5. Anton Lindfors FIN
Christopher Robanske CAN dnf
Quarterfinal - Heat 1
1. Pierre Vaultier FRA Q
2. Jarryd Hughes AUS Q
3. Alessandro Hämmerle AUT Q
4. Kevin Hill CAN
Markus Schairer AUT dnf
Kalle Koblet SUI dnf
Quarterfinal - Heat 2
1. Nikolay Olyunin OAR Q
2. Alex Pullin AUS Q
3. Cameron Bolton AUS Q
4. Jerome Lymann SUI
Merlin Surget FRA dnf
Michele Godino ITA dnf
Quarterfinal - Heat 3
1. Regino Hernandez ESP Q
2. Mick Dierdorff USA Q
3. Christopher Robanske CAN Q
4. Hagen Kearney USA
Paul Berg GER dnf
Loan Bozzolo FRA dnf
Quarterfinal - Heat 4
1. Martin Nörl GER Q
2. Nick Baumgartner USA Q
3. Anton Lindfors FIN Q
4. Emanuel Perathoner ITA
5. Mateusz Ligocki POL
Ken Vuagnoux FRA dnf
Round 1 - Heat 1
1. Jarryd Hughes AUS Q
2. Pierre Vaultier FRA Q
3. Markus Schairer AUT Q
4. Hanno Douschan AUT
Baptiste Brochu CAN dns
Round 1 - Heat 2
1. Alessandro Hämmerle AUT Q
2. Kevin Hill CAN Q
3. Kalle Koblet SUI Q
4. Konstantin Schad GER
5. Jan Kubicik CZE
Round 1 - Heat 3
1. Jerome Lymann SUI Q
2. Cameron Bolton AUS Q
3. Merlin Surget FRA Q
4. Steven Williams ARG
5. Duncan Campbell NZL
Round 1 - Heat 4
1. Nikolay Olyunin OAR Q
2. Alex Pullin AUS Q
3. Michele Godino ITA Q
4. Lorenzo Sommariva ITA
5. Laro Herrero ESP
Round 1 - Heat 5
1. Mick Dierdorff USA Q
2. Paul Berg GER Q
3. Regino Hernandez ESP Q
4. Jonathan Cheever USA
5. Lukas Pachner AUT
Round 1 - Heat 6
1. Hagen Kearney USA Q
2. Christopher Robanske CAN Q
3. Loan Bozzolo FRA Q
4. Adam Lambert AUS
5. Lluis Marin Tarroch AND
Round 1 - Heat 7
1. Martin Nörl GER Q
2. Ken Vuagnoux FRA Q
3. Anton Lindfors FIN Q
4. Daniil Dilman OAR
Eliot Grondin CAN dnf
Round 1 - Heat 8
1. Emanuel Perathoner ITA Q
2. Nick Baumgartner USA Q
3. Mateusz Ligocki POL Q
4. Omar Visintin ITA
Lucas Eguibar ESP dnf
Ranking round
1. Pierre Vaultier FRA1.13,14
2. Omar Visintin ITA1.13,25
3. Regino Hernandez ESP1.13,67
4. Nikolay Olyunin OAR1.13,78
5. Merlin Surget FRA1.13,82
6. Hagen Kearney USA1.13,94
7. Martin Nörl GER1.14,12
8. Kevin Hill CAN1.14,24
9. Kalle Koblet SUI1.14,25
10. Ken Vuagnoux FRA1.14,29
11. Cameron Bolton AUS1.14,35
- Christopher Robanske CAN1.14,35
13. Lorenzo Sommariva ITA1.14,36
14. Paul Berg GER1.14,39
15. Nick Baumgartner USA1.14,46
16. Hanno Douschan AUT1.14,53
17. Markus Schairer AUT1.14,56
18. Emanuel Perathoner ITA1.14,62
19. Jonathan Cheever USA1.14,72
20. Alex Pullin AUS1.14,76
21. Jerome Lymann SUI1.14,77
22. Adam Lambert AUS1.14,94
23. Anton Lindfors FIN1.15,01
24. Alessandro Hämmerle AUT1.15,03
25. Jarryd Hughes AUS1.13,73
26. Lucas Eguibar ESP1.14,45
27. Mick Dierdorff USA1.14,52
28. Michele Godino ITA1.14,96
29. Steven Williams ARG1.15,35
30. Lluis Marin Tarroch AND1.15,37
31. Daniil Dilman OAR1.15,40
32. Jan Kubicik CZE1.15,73
33. Konstantin Schad GER1.15,73
34. Eliot Grondin CAN1.15,93
35. Loan Bozzolo FRA1.16,11
36. Duncan Campbell NZL1.16,68
37. Laro Herrero ESP1.16,97
38. Lukas Pachner AUT1.16,99
39. Mateusz Ligocki POL1.19,22
Baptiste Brochu CANdns
Men's Cross - Snowboard - PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Event Format: The cross event was held on a course with a lot of challenges including jumps, banks, moguls and other obstacles. The cross event was a one-day competition with a seeding round, round of 16 heats, quarterfinals, semifinals, Small final and Big final held on the same day. In the seeding round snowboarders ran a single race to determine their starting position in the round of 16 heats. In the elimination part of the competition each heat consisted of 6 riders and the 3 best advanced to the following round. The Small final determined the classification from place no. 7 to 12 and the Big final from place no. 1 to 6. The Olympic gold medal winner was the rider winning the Big final.

Event facts: Men's Cross competition was held at the Phoenix Snow Park and 39 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Men's Cross - PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics - are based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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