Ski cross M - Freestyle at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang - Results

Men's Ski cross - Freestyle Skiing
PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Freestyle Skiing at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics  PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games - Freestyle Skiing
Men's Ski cross 2018
Final - Big Final
Brady Leman CAN
Marc Bischofberger SUI
Sergey Ridzik OAR
Kevin Drury CAN dnf
4. Armin Niederer SUI
5. Arnaud Bovolenta FRA
6. Filip Flisar SLO
7. David Duncan CAN
Semifinal - Heat 1
1. Brady Leman CAN Q
2. Marc Bischofberger SUI Q
3. Armin Niederer SUI
4. Filip Flisar SLO
Semifinal - Heat 2
1. Kevin Drury CAN Q
2. Sergey Ridzik OAR Q
3. Arnaud Bovolenta FRA
4. David Duncan CAN
Quarterfinal - Heat 1
1. Brady Leman CAN Q
2. Marc Bischofberger SUI Q
Alex Fiva SUI dnf
Adam Kappacher AUT dnf
Quarterfinal - Heat 2
1. Armin Niederer SUI Q
2. Filip Flisar SLO Q
3. Thomas Zangerl AUT
4. Jonas Lenherr SUI
Quarterfinal - Heat 3
1. Kevin Drury CAN Q
2. Arnaud Bovolenta FRA Q
3. Semen Denshchikov OAR
Robert Winkler AUT dnf
Quarterfinal - Heat 4
1. Sergey Ridzik OAR Q
2. David Duncan CAN Q
3. Francois Place FRA
4. Jean Frederick Chapuis FRA
Round 1 - Heat 1
1. Alex Fiva SUI Q
2. Adam Kappacher AUT Q
3. Igor Omelin OAR
Round 1 - Heat 2
1. Marc Bischofberger SUI Q
2. Brady Leman CAN Q
3. Jamie Prebble NZL
Terence Tchiknavorian FRA dnf
Round 1 - Heat 3
1. Filip Flisar SLO Q
2. Thomas Zangerl AUT Q
3. Stefan Thanei ITA
4. Florian Wilmsmann GER
Round 1 - Heat 4
1. Armin Niederer SUI Q
2. Jonas Lenherr SUI Q
3. Tim Hronek GER
4. Viktor Andersson SWE
Round 1 - Heat 5
1. Kevin Drury CAN Q
2. Arnaud Bovolenta FRA Q
3. Victor Öhling Norberg SWE
4. Anton Grimus AUS
Round 1 - Heat 6
1. Robert Winkler AUT Q
2. Semen Denshchikov OAR Q
Christoph Wahrstötter AUT dnf
Erik Mobärg SWE dnf
Round 1 - Heat 7
1. David Duncan CAN Q
2. Jean Frederick Chapuis FRA Q
3. Paul Eckert GER
4. Egor Korotkov OAR
Round 1 - Heat 8
1. Francois Place FRA Q
2. Sergey Ridzik OAR Q
3. Siegmar Klotz ITA
Christopher Delbosco CAN dnf
Qualifying round
1. Alex Fiva SUI1.08,74
2. Sergey Ridzik OAR1.09,21
3. Kevin Drury CAN1.09,41
4. Armin Niederer SUI1.09,46
5. Filip Flisar SLO1.09,65
6. Christoph Wahrstötter AUT1.09,79
7. Jean Frederick Chapuis FRA1.09,84
8. Brady Leman CAN1.09,94
9. Marc Bischofberger SUI1.09,99
10. Paul Eckert GER1.10,06
11. Robert Winkler AUT1.10,09
12. Stefan Thanei ITA1.10,10
13. Jonas Lenherr SUI1.10,12
14. Arnaud Bovolenta FRA1.10,12
15. Siegmar Klotz ITA1.10,15
16. Adam Kappacher AUT1.10,17
17. Igor Omelin OAR1.10,24
18. Francois Place FRA1.10,26
19. Victor Öhling Norberg SWE1.10,26
20. Tim Hronek GER1.10,27
21. Florian Wilmsmann GER1.10,33
22. Erik Mobärg SWE1.10,36
23. Egor Korotkov OAR1.10,39
24. Terence Tchiknavorian FRA1.10,41
25. Jamie Prebble NZL1.10,48
26. David Duncan CAN1.10,51
27. Semen Denshchikov OAR1.10,86
28. Thomas Zangerl AUT1.10,96
29. Viktor Andersson SWE1.11,20
30. Anton Grimus AUS1.40,80
31. Christopher Delbosco CAN1.48,25
Men's Ski cross - Freestyle Skiing - PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Event Format: The cross event was held on a course with a lot of challenges including jumps, banks, moguls and other obstacles. The cross event was a one-day competition with a seeding round, round of 32, quarterfinals, semifinals, Small final and Big final held on the same day. In the seeding round the freestyle skiers ran a single race to determine their starting position in the round of 32 heats. In the elimination part of the competition each heat consisted of 4 skiers and the 2 best advanced to the following round. The Small final determined the classification from place no. 5 to 8 and the Big final from place no. 1 to 4.The Olympic gold medal winner was the freestyle skier winning the Big final.

Event facts: Men's Ski cross competition was held at the Phoenix Snow Park and 31 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Men's Ski cross - PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics - are based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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