81 kg M - Judo at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney - Results

Men's Half-middleweight - Judo
Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics

Judo at the Sydney 2000 Olympics  Sydney 2000 Olympic Games - Judo
Men's Half-middleweight 2000
Makoto Takimoto JPN0-0-2-1
Cho In-chul KOR0-0-0-1
Nuno Delgado POR
Aleksei Budolin EST
Bronze Medal Contests
Nuno Delgado POR1-0-1-1
Alvaro Paseyro URU0-0-0-0
Aleksei Budolin EST0-0-1-3
Djamel Bouras FRA0-0-1-0
Repechage 4 for Bronze Medal
Alvaro Paseyro URU1-0-0-0
Kwak Ok-Chol PRK0-0-0-1
Aleksei Budolin EST1-0-0-0
Kazem Sarikhani IRI0-0-0-0
Repechage 3 for Bronze Medal
Alvaro Paseyro URU1-0-0-1
Ruslan Seilkhanov KAZ0-0-0-1
Kwak Ok-Chol PRK1-1-0-0
Maarten Arens NED0-0-1-0
Aleksei Budolin EST1-0-0-1
Florian Wanner GER0-0-0-1
Kazem Sarikhani IRI1-1-0-0
Daniel Kelly AUS0-1-0-1
Repechage 2 for Bronze Medal
Ruslan Seilkhanov KAZ1-0-0-1
Dario Garcia ARG0-1-1-1
Maarten Arens NED0-0-0-1
Gabriel Arteaga CUB0-0-0-0
Florian Wanner GER1-0-0-1
Jose Figueroa PUR0-0-0-0
Daniel Kelly AUS0-0-1-0
Francesco Lepre ITA0-0-1-0
Repechage 1 for Bronze Medal
Francesco Lepre ITA1-1-0-2
Thierry Vatrican MON0-0-1-0
Makoto Takimoto JPN0-1-0-0
Djamel Bouras FRA0-0-0-1
Cho In-chul KOR0-1-1-0
Nuno Delgado POR0-1-0-0
Makoto Takimoto JPN0-0-0-1
Alvaro Paseyro URU0-0-0-1
Djamel Bouras FRA1-0-0-0
Kwak Ok-Chol PRK0-0-0-1
Cho In-chul KOR0-1-0-0
Aleksei Budolin EST0-0-2-0
Nuno Delgado POR1-0-1-2
Kazem Sarikhani IRI0-0-0-1
Round 3
Makoto Takimoto JPN1-0-0-0
Dario Garcia ARG0-0-0-0
Alvaro Paseyro URU1-0-0-1
Tsend-Ayuushiin Ochirbat MGL0-0-0-0
Kwak Ok-Chol PRK0-0-1-0
Sergey Kukharenko BLR0-0-1-0
Djamel Bouras FRA1-0-0-1
Gabriel Arteaga CUB0-0-0-1
Aleksei Budolin EST0-1-1-2
Krisztian Tölgyesi HUN0-1-0-0
Cho In-chul KOR1-0-0-1
Florian Wanner GER0-0-0-0
Nuno Delgado POR1-0-1-0
Daniel Kelly AUS0-0-0-1
Kazem Sarikhani IRI0-2-0-0
Graeme Randall GBR0-0-1-3
Round 2
Makoto Takimoto JPN0-2-1-0
Ruslan Seilkhanov KAZ0-0-0-2
Dario Garcia ARG0-0-0-2
Ricardo Echarte ESP0-0-0-1
Alvaro Paseyro URU1-0-1-0
Farkhod Turayev UZB0-0-0-0
Tsend-Ayuushiin Ochirbat MGL0-0-1-0
Adil Belgaid MAR0-0-0-0
Sergey Kukharenko BLR1-0-0-0
Chen Chun-Ching TPE0-0-0-0
Kwak Ok-Chol PRK0-2-1-1
Hermagoras Mangles VEN0-0-1-0
Gabriel Arteaga CUB0-0-1-0
Marcel Aragao BRA0-0-0-0
Djamel Bouras FRA1-0-0-1
Maarten Arens NED0-0-0-1
Aleksei Budolin EST1-0-0-1
Sergei Aschwanden SUI0-0-0-1
Krisztian Tölgyesi HUN0-0-1-1
Timothy Slyfield NZL0-0-1-0
Cho In-chul KOR1-1-1-0
Jose Figueroa PUR0-0-0-1
Florian Wanner GER0-0-1-0
Patrick Reiter AUT0-0-0-1
Nuno Delgado POR0-0-0-1
Francesco Lepre ITA0-0-0-1
Daniel Kelly AUS0-0-0-1
Jason Morris USA0-0-0-0
Kazem Sarikhani IRI1-0-0-1
Brahima Guindo MLI0-0-1-1
Graeme Randall GBR1-0-0-0
Abdessalem Arous TUN0-0-0-0
Round 1
Dario Garcia ARG1-0-0-0
Mehman Azizov AZE0-0-0-0
Tsend-Ayuushiin Ochirbat MGL1-1-0-0
Salifou Kocka Ouiminga BUR0-0-0-1
Gabriel Arteaga CUB1-0-0-0
Robert Krawczyk POL0-0-0-0
Timothy Slyfield NZL1-0-0-0
Majemite Omagbaluwaje NGR0-0-2-0
Nuno Delgado POR1-0-0-0
Thierry Vatrican MON0-0-0-0
Men's Half-middleweight - Judo - Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics

Event Format: The competition was a single elimination tournament with a special repechage tournament for the bronze medals. Athletes competed in preliminary rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The winner of the final was the Gold medal winner and the loser of the final received the silver medal. Each athlete who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage tournament for the right to face a semifinal loser for a bronze medal. The winners of the two final repechage matches received bronze medals.

Event facts: Men's Half-middleweight competition was held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour and 36 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Men's Half-middleweight - Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics - are based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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