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Sun 01 Aug 2021
Freestyle heavyweight W1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman bantamweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman super-heavyweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle heavyweight WSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman bantamweight MSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman super-heavyweight MSemifinals18:15
Mon 02 Aug 2021
Freestyle light-heavyweight W1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle heavyweight WRepechages11:00
Greco-Roman bantamweight MRepechages11:00
Greco-Roman welterweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman heavyweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman super-heavyweight MRepechages11:00
Freestyle light-heavyweight WSemifinals18:15
Freestyle heavyweight WFinals18:15
Greco-Roman bantamweight MFinals18:15
Greco-Roman welterweight MSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman heavyweight MSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman super-heavyweight MFinals18:15
Tue 03 Aug 2021
Freestyle light-heavyweight WRepechages11:00
Freestyle middleweight W1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman lightweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman welterweight MRepechages11:00
Greco-Roman middleweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman heavyweight MRepechages11:00
Freestyle light-heavyweight WFinals18:15
Freestyle middleweight WSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman lightweight MSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman welterweight MFinals18:15
Greco-Roman middleweight MSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman heavyweight MFinals18:15
Wed 04 Aug 2021
Freestyle bantamweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle middleweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle middleweight WRepechages11:00
Freestyle welterweight W1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Greco-Roman lightweight MRepechages11:00
Greco-Roman middleweight MRepechages11:00
Freestyle bantamweight MSemifinals18:15
Freestyle middleweight MSemifinals18:15
Freestyle middleweight WFinals18:15
Freestyle welterweight WSemifinals18:15
Greco-Roman lightweight MFinals18:15
Greco-Roman middleweight MFinals18:15
Thu 05 Aug 2021
Freestyle bantamweight MRepechages11:00
Freestyle welterweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle middleweight MRepechages11:00
Freestyle super-heavyweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle lightweight W1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle welterweight WRepechages11:00
Freestyle bantamweight MFinals18:15
Freestyle welterweight MSemifinals18:15
Freestyle middleweight MFinals18:15
Freestyle super-heavyweight MSemifinals18:15
Freestyle lightweight WSemifinals18:15
Freestyle welterweight WFinals18:15
Fri 06 Aug 2021
Freestyle lightweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle welterweight MRepechages11:00
Freestyle heavyweight M1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle super-heavyweight MRepechages11:00
Freestyle flyweight W1/8 finals, quarterfinals11:00
Freestyle lightweight WRepechages11:00
Freestyle lightweight MSemifinals18:15
Freestyle welterweight MFinals18:15
Freestyle heavyweight MSemifinals18:15
Freestyle super-heavyweight MFinals18:15
Freestyle flyweight WSemifinals18:15
Freestyle lightweight WFinals18:15
Sat 07 Aug 2021
Freestyle lightweight MRepechages, finals18:45
Freestyle heavyweight MRepechages, finals18:45
Freestyle flyweight WRepechages, finals18:45
* Schedule times in Tokyo local time.This information about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games schedule is based on the official programme and Olympian Database
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