Half-middleweight W - Judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing - Results

Women's Half-middleweight - Judo
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

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Women's Half-middleweight 2008
Ayumi TanimotoJPN1-0-0-0
Lucie DecosseFRA0-0-0-0
Elisabeth WilleboordseNED
Won Ok-imPRK
Bronze Medal Contests
Elisabeth WilleboordseNED0-0-0-1
Driulis GonzalezCUB0-0-0-0
Won Ok-imPRK0-1-1-0
Claudia HeillAUT0-0-0-1
Repechage 3 for Bronze Medal
Elisabeth WilleboordseNED0-0-0-1
Urska ZolnirSLO0-0-0-0
Claudia HeillAUT0-0-3-0
Ysis BarretoVEN0-0-0-1
Repechage 2 for Bronze Medal
Urska ZolnirSLO0-2-0-0
Anna von HarnierGER0-0-0-0
Elisabeth WilleboordseNED0-2-3-0
Daniela KrukowerARG0-0-0-0
Claudia HeillAUT1-0-1-0
Wang Chin-fangTPE0-0-1-0
Ysis BarretoVEN1-0-0-1
Kong Ja-youngKOR0-1-0-0
Repechage 1 for Bronze Medal
Urska ZolnirSLO1-0-0-1
Alice SchlesingerGBR0-0-0-0
Lucie DecosseFRA0-2-1-1
Won Ok-imPRK0-0-0-0
Ayumi TanimotoJPN1-0-1-1
Driulis GonzalezCUB0-0-0-0
Lucie DecosseFRA1-0-0-1
Anna von HarnierGER0-0-0-1
Won Ok-imPRK0-2-0-0
Elisabeth WilleboordseNED0-0-0-0
Driulis GonzalezCUB0-0-1-0
Wang Chin-fangTPE0-0-0-0
Ayumi TanimotoJPN1-0-0-0
Kong Ja-youngKOR0-0-0-1
Round 2
Anna von HarnierGER1-0-0-1
Battugs Tumen-odMGL0-0-0-0
Lucie DecosseFRA0-0-1-1
Alice SchlesingerGBR0-0-0-0
Elisabeth WilleboordseNED1-1-0-1
Kahina SaidiALG0-0-0-1
Won Ok-imPRK0-0-2-0
Daniela KrukowerARG0-0-1-0
Driulis GonzalezCUB0-0-1-0
Claudia HeillAUT0-0-0-1
Wang Chin-fangTPE1-0-0-0
Devu ThapaNEP0-0-0-0
Ayumi TanimotoJPN1-0-0-0
Ysis BarretoVEN0-0-0-0
Kong Ja-youngKOR0-1-0-0
Xu YuhuaCHN0-0-1-2
Round 1
Anna von HarnierGER1-0-0-0
Silulu AetonuASA0-0-0-0
Lucie DecosseFRA1-0-1-0
Urska ZolnirSLO0-0-0-0
Kahina SaidiALG0-2-0-0
Marcon BezzinaMLT0-0-0-0
Elisabeth WilleboordseNED0-0-1-2
Vera KovalRUS0-0-1-0
Daniela KrukowerARG1-0-0-0
Catherine Marie ArloveAUS0-0-0-0
Claudia HeillAUT1-0-1-1
Sarah ClarkGBR0-1-0-0
Wang Chin-fangTPE1-0-1-1
Johanna YlinenFIN0-0-0-0
Ysis BarretoVEN1-0-1-2
Cecile HaneSEN0-0-0-0
Kong Ja-youngKOR1-0-0-0
Danielli BarbosaBRA0-1-0-0

Women's Half-middleweight - Judo - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

Event Format: The competition was a single elimination tournament with a special repechage tournament for the bronze medals. Athletes competed in preliminary rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The winner of the final was the Gold medal winner and the loser of the final received the silver medal. Each athlete who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage tournament for the right to face a semifinal loser for a bronze medal. The winners of the two final repechage matches received bronze medals.

Event facts: Women's Half-middleweight competition was held at the Beijing Science University Gymnasium and 26 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Women's Half-middleweight - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics - are based on the official Olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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