British weightlifters in the Olympic Games

British Olympic Athletes in Weightlifting*

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Event Athletes
 Weightlifting 1896
One hand lift M GBR Launceston Elliott
Heavyweight M GBR Launceston Elliott
 Weightlifting 1920
Featherweight M GBR John Paine
Lightweight M GBR Percival Mills
 Weightlifting 1924
Featherweight M GBR Thomas Taylor
Augustus Cummins
Alfred Baxter
Lightweight M GBR John Tooley
William Randall
William Wyatt
Middleweight M GBR Frederick Attenborough
Fred Lowes
John Austin
Heavyweight M GBR Harold Wood
 Weightlifting 1928
Featherweight M GBR Alfred Baxter
Alfred Hopkins
Middleweight M GBR John Tooley
Frederick Attenborough
Heavyweight M GBR Harold Wood
 Weightlifting 1936
Featherweight M GBR Frederick Marsh
Norman Holroyd
John Terry
Lightweight M GBR John Smith
Alfred Griffin
Middleweight M GBR Harold Laurance
Heavyweight M GBR Ronald Walker
 Weightlifting 1948
Bantamweight M GBR Julian Creus
Abraham Greenhalgh
Featherweight M GBR Denis Hallett
Sidney Kemble
Lightweight M GBR James Halliday
William Eland
Middleweight M GBR George William Watson
Ernest Peppiatt
Light-heavyweight M GBR Ernest Roe
Heavyweight M GBR Alfred Knight
 Weightlifting 1952
Bantamweight M GBR Maurice Megennis
Featherweight M GBR Julian Creus
Lightweight M GBR Yorrie Evans
James Halliday
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Melville Barnett
 Weightlifting 1956
Featherweight M GBR Maurice Megennis
Julian Creus
Lightweight M GBR Benjamin Helfgott
Light-heavyweight M GBR Philip Caira
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Sydney Harrington
 Weightlifting 1960
Featherweight M GBR Allan Robinson
Lightweight M GBR Benjamin Helfgott
Middleweight M GBR Blair Blenman
Light-heavyweight M GBR Philip Caira
Sylvanus Blackman
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Louis Martin
Heavyweight M GBR Dennis Hillman
 Weightlifting 1964
Featherweight M GBR George Newton
Middleweight M GBR Michael Pearman
Light-heavyweight M GBR George Manners
Sylvanus Blackman
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Louis Martin
 Weightlifting 1968
Bantamweight M GBR Precious McKenzie
Featherweight M GBR Gerald Perrin
Light-heavyweight M GBR Michael Pearman
Peter Arthur
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Louis Martin
Sylvanus Blackman
Heavyweight M GBR Terence Perdue
 Weightlifting 1972
Bantamweight M GBR Precious McKenzie
Lightweight M GBR George Newton
Ieuan Owen
Light-heavyweight M GBR Michael Ford
Michael Pearman
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Peter Arthur
Heavyweight M GBR David Hancock
Kenneth Price
Super-heavyweight M GBR Terence Perdue
 Weightlifting 1976
Flyweight M GBR Precious McKenzie
Featherweight M GBR Victor Daniels
Lightweight M GBR Kevin Welch
Alan Winterbourne
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Gary Langford
Kenneth Price
Heavyweight M GBR Brian Strange
John Burns
 Weightlifting 1980
Featherweight M GBR Jeffrey Bryce
Geoffrey Laws
Lightweight M GBR Alan Winterbourne
Leo Isaac
Middleweight M GBR Kevin Welch-Kennedy
Newton Burrowes
Light-heavyweight M GBR Stephen Pinsent
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Gary Langford
Heavyweight 100 kg M GBR John Burns
Heavyweight M GBR Andrzej Drzewiecki
 Weightlifting 1984
Featherweight M GBR Geoffrey Laws
Lightweight M GBR Dean Willey
Middleweight M GBR Stephen Pinsent
David Morgan
Light-heavyweight M GBR Newton Burrowes
Anthony Supple
Middle-heavyweight M GBR David Mercer
Keith Boxell
Heavyweight 100 kg M GBR Peter Pinsent
Heavyweight M GBR Gary Taylor
 Weightlifting 1988
Middleweight M GBR Dean Willey
Richard Chaplin
Light-heavyweight M GBR David Morgan
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Keith Boxell
David Mercer
Heavyweight 100 kg M GBR Andrew Saxton
Peter May
Heavyweight M GBR Mark Thomas
Andrew Davies
Super-heavyweight M GBR Matthew Vine
 Weightlifting 1992
Middleweight M GBR Anthony Morgan
Light-heavyweight M GBR Andrew Callard
David Morgan
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Peter May
Keith Boxell
Heavyweight M GBR Raymond Kopka
 Weightlifting 1996
Light-heavyweight M GBR Anthony Arthur
 Weightlifting 2000
Heavyweight M GBR Thomas Yule
 Weightlifting 2004
Lightweight W GBR Michaela Breeze
Featherweight M GBR Kamran Panjavi
 Weightlifting 2008
Middleweight W GBR Michaela Breeze
 Weightlifting 2012
Lightweight W GBR Zoe Smith
Light-heavyweight W GBR Natasha Perdue
Lightweight M GBR Gareth Evans
Middleweight M GBR Jack Oliver
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Peter Kirkbride
 Weightlifting 2016
Light-heavyweight W GBR Rebekah Tiler
Middle-heavyweight M GBR Sonny Webster
 Weightlifting 2020
Super-heavyweight W GBR Emily Jade Campbell
* The list above only shows a selection of British weightlifters - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about British weightlifters at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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