Greco-Roman flyweight M - Wrestling at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne - Results

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Wrestling at the Melbourne 1956 Olympics
Men's Greco-Roman flyweight 1956
Final standing
Nikolai Solovyov URS
Ignazio Fabra ITA
Durum Ali Egribas TUR
4. Dumitru Pirvulescu ROU
5. Istvan Baranya HUN
6. Borivoje Vukov YUG
7. Maurice Mewis BEL
- Bengt Johansson SWE
9. John Richard Wilson USA
10. Malte Hakansson AUS
- Andre Zoete FRA
Round 5
Nikolai Solovyov URSfall
Ignazio Fabra ITA
Round 4
Durum Ali Egribas TUR3 - 0
Nikolai Solovyov URS
Ignazio Fabra ITA3 - 0
Dumitru Pirvulescu ROUeliminated
Round 3
Dumitru Pirvulescu ROU3 - 0
Bengt Johansson SWEeliminated
Borivoje Vukov YUG3-0 eliminated
Maurice Mewis BELeliminated
Ignazio Fabra ITA3 - 0
Istvan Baranya HUNeliminated
Durum Ali Egribas TURfall
John Richard Wilson USAeliminated
Nikolai Solovyov URSbye
Round 2
Borivoje Vukov YUG3 - 0
Bengt Johansson SWE
Istvan Baranya HUN3 - 0
Maurice Mewis BEL
Durum Ali Egribas TURfall
Malte Hakansson AUSeliminated
Ignazio Fabra ITA3 - 0
John Richard Wilson USA
Nikolai Solovyov URSfall
Andre Zoete FRAeliminated
Dumitru Pirvulescu ROUbye
Round 1
Istvan Baranya HUN3 - 0
Borivoje Vukov YUG
Maurice Mewis BELfall
Malte Hakansson AUS
Ignazio Fabra ITA2 - 1
Durum Ali Egribas TUR
John Richard Wilson USA3 - 0
Andre Zoete FRA
Nikolai Solovyov URS2 - 1
Dumitru Pirvulescu ROU
Bengt Johansson SWEbye
Men's Greco-Roman flyweight - Wrestling - Melbourne 1956

Event Format: Athletes scored negative points based on decisions from three judges (win by fall: 0 points - win by decision: 1 points - loss by descision 2-1: 2 points - loss by decision 3-0: 3 points - loss by fall: 3 points). Accumulation of 5 negative points eliminated the athlete.

Event facts: Men's Greco-Roman flyweight competition was held at the Exhibition Building and 11 athletes participated in the event.

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