Russian Athletes in Fencing*

  Facts about Olympic Fencing
Event Athletes
 Fencing 2015
Sabre team W RUS Yana Obvintseva
Mariya Ridel
Viktoriya Kovaleva
Tatiana Sukhova
Epee individual W RUS Yana Zvereva
Epee individual M RUS Sergey Khodos
Epee team W RUS Anna Sivkova
Yana Zvereva
Olga Kochneva
Tatyana Andryushina
Foil team M RUS Dmitry Zherebchenko
Timur Arslanov
Timur Safin
Alexey Khovanskiy
Foil individual W RUS Adelina Zagidullina
Yana Alborova
Foil individual M RUS Timur Arslanov
Epee team M RUS Dmitriy Gusev
Anton Glebko
Sergey Khodos
Sergey Bida
Foil team W RUS Diana Yakovleva
Adelina Zagidullina
Anastasiia Ivanova
Yana Alborova
Sabre team M RUS Alexander Trushakov
Ilya Motorin
Boris Savich
Nikita Proskura
* The list above only shows a selection of Russian fencers - All possible medalists are included in the list.

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