Shooting - Seoul 1986 - Asian Games

Shooting at the 1986 Asian Games
Events and Champions

Shooting - events at the 1986 Seoul Olympics  Shooting at the 1986 Seoul Olympic Games


Olympic Champions

Air pistol W  JPN Tomoko Hasegawa
Air pistol M CHN Xu Haifeng
Air pistol team W JPN Tomoko Hasegawa
Etsuko Onobuchi
Hisayo Hayakawa
Air pistol team M CHN Wang Yifu
Xu Haifeng
Zuo Pei
Air rifle W KOR Park Jeong-ah
Air rifle M CHN Qiu Bo
Air rifle team W KOR Kang Hye-ja
Park Jeong-ah
Lee Hong-ki
Air rifle team M CHN Qiu Bo
Zhang Yingzhou
Xu Xiaoguang
Center fire pistol M JPN Ikuo Fukuoka
Center fire pistol team M JPN Ikuo Fukuoka
Katsumasa Onishi
Hideo Nonaka
Free pistol M CHN Xu Haifeng
Free pistol team M CHN Liu Jingsheng
Wang Yifu
Xu Haifeng
Open skeet  CHN Zhang Weigang
Open trap  KOR Byun Kyung-soo
Open trap team  JPN Masao Obara
Yoshihiro Igarashi
Toshiyuki Yamane
Rapid fire pistol M CHN Li Zhongqi
Rapid fire pistol team M KOR Yang Chung-yul
Park Jong-kil
Lim Jang-Soo
Rifle prone M KOR Cha Young-chul
Rifle prone team M KOR Yoon Deok-ha
Kwak Jung-Hoon
Cha Young-chul
Rifle three positions W CHN Zhou Danhong
Rifle three positions M JPN Ryohei Koba
Rifle three positions team W CHN Zhou Danhong
Jin Dongxiang
Zhang Qiuping
Rifle three positions team M KOR Chang Jae-kwan
Nam Hong-woo
Lee Eun-chul
Sports pistol W CHN Wen Zhifang
Sports pistol team W CHN Wen Zhifang
Zhu Yuqin
Qi Chunxia
Standard pistol M THA Manop Panichpatikum
Standard pistol team M THA Manop Panichpatikum
Peera Piromrut
Opas Ruengpanyawoodhi
Standard rifle three positions M CHN Qiu Bo
Standard rifle three positions team M CHN Qiu Bo
Xu Xiaoguang
Qiu Zeqing
* Beta-info: Olympian Database normally hold - as a minimum - all historic medalists in a given event type. This is not yet the case for the Asian Games but we are continually working towards this. All-time champions lists for each event, all-time medal tables in sports or for a nation etc. are therefore incomplete. We have chosen to present what we have at the current time for the interest in for example the list of sports for the recent Asian Games that are already completed.
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