Om VM i Atletik projektet

About the App Project

The Athletics World Championships app is an independent project and not associated with the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) in any way.

The focus of the app is to deliver accurate, well organized and transparent content about the World Championships sporting events from a variety of perspectives - focusing on an individual athlete or a nations achievements over time. Or focusing on a particular event and its champions and medalists.

The app gives automatic access for everyone to the athletics world championships data from this year and from the previous championship. You can upgrade the app to include a range of all-time medal tables, different types of result overviews and remove all ads from the app. The price for upgrading is about 1,5 USD converted to your preferred currency.

Half of the upgrading fee we donate directly to the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) right after the Doha 2019 championships. The other half we keep to pay for costs and to improve and develop new apps like this one for future events. You can see the end station for half of your payment here.

We keep the app running - and your access to all-time data - until a few months before the 2021 Athletics World Championships. In recent years we have expanded our database to include some of the Continental Games as well as several World Championships and we will develop further in this direction over the coming years. We aim to provide clear historical data on all big sport events we cover in addition to schedules and medal tables of all sorts for ongoing events.

Hvad vi har
An important element in the encyclopedic character of the app is the gathering of all results of all athletes in all events at all World Championships (and to the level of detail it makes sense). We are not quite there yet and this is really a project under constant development that will never actually reach a final closure.

At the moment our database holds a complete medals-result overview for all events at all the Athletics World Championships since 1983. However there is still some way to go before we have all results of all athletes that have competed in the World Championships.

The app is based on our Olympian Database Project that focuses on Olympic Games and World Championships in various sports. The database has been developed as a family enterprise over several generations and is run by a small group of people/experts with different backgrounds in leadership and research.

We are indebted to icon designer Lemery for producing event pictograms and we also build our work with the database on World Championships and Olympic historians whose work have paved the way for our decisions and developments. Thank you to all of you!

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