Men's 200 m freestyle - Japan in Swimming at the Asian Games

Men's 200 m freestyle - Swimming
Japanese Results in Asian Games*

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 200 m freestyle M Jakarta 2018
Katsuhiro Matsumoto Final 1.46,50
Round 1 1.47,94 1 q
Naito Ehara Final 1.47,66 5
Round 1 1.47,76 2 q
 200 m freestyle M Incheon 2014
Kosuke Hagino Final 1.45,23
 200 m freestyle M Guangzhou 2010
Takeshi Matsuda Final 1.47,73
 200 m freestyle M Doha 2006
Daisuke Hosokawa Final
 200 m freestyle M Busan 2002
Yoshihiro Okumura Final
Yosuke Ichikawa Final
 200 m freestyle M Bangkok 1998
Yosuke Ichikawa Final
Shusuke Ito Final
 200 m freestyle M Hiroshima 1994
Taihei Maeda Final
Kazunori Hikida Final
 200 m freestyle M Beijing 1990
Tomohiro Noguchi Final
 200 m freestyle M Seoul 1986
Katsunori Fujiwara Final
Shigeo Ogata Final
 200 m freestyle M Bangkok 1978
Hiroshi Sakamoto Final
 200 m freestyle M Teheran 1974
Yukio Horiuchi Final
 200 m freestyle M Bangkok 1970
Kunihiro Iwasaki Final
Noboru Waseda Final
 200 m freestyle M Bangkok 1966
Kunihiro Iwasaki Final
 200 m freestyle M Jakarta 1962
Toshizo Umemoto Final
Tadaharu Goto Final
 200 m freestyle M Tokyo 1958
Makoto Fukui Final
Tatsuo Fujimoto Final
* This list about Japanese results in Swimming at the Olympics is not yet completed in our database. There may be additional events with Japanese participation and/or additional athletes in the listed events which are not yet included. All results with Japanese medals are already included.

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