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 4x400 m W Jakarta 2018
Cheng Chong Final 3.33,72 4
Pan Gaoqin
Huang Guifen
Liang Nuo
 4x400 m W Incheon 2014
Cheng Chong Final 3.32,02
Wang Qinghuan
Li Manyuan
Chen Jingwen
 4x400 m W Guangzhou 2010
Tang Xiaoyin Final 3.30,89
Zheng Zhihui
Chen Jingwen
Chen Ling
 4x400 m W Doha 2006
Li Xueji Final
Han Ling
Huang Xiaoxiao
Tang Xiaoyin
 4x400 m W Busan 2002
Qin Wangping Final
Hou Xiufen
Bo Fanfang
Chen Yuxiang
 4x400 m W Bangkok 1998
Li Yulian Final
Zhang Hengyun
Chen Yuxiang
Zhang Henghua
 4x400 m W Hiroshima 1994
Cao Chunying Final
Zhang Hengyun
Leng Xueyan
Ma Yuqin
 4x400 m W Beijing 1990
Li Wenhong Final
Zhou Qing
Li Guilian
Chen Juying
 4x400 m W Seoul 1986
Huang Jing Final
Lin Zhenglan
Chen Juying
Zhao Qianqian
 4x400 m W New Delhi 1982
Liu Guihua Final
Guo Guimei
Liang Yueling
Gao Yanqing
 4x400 m W Bangkok 1978
Liang Lihua Final
Zhang Huifen
Huang Dongsheng
Guo Guimei
* This list about Chinese results in Athletics at the Olympics is not yet completed in our database. There may be additional events with Chinese participation and/or additional athletes in the listed events which are not yet included. All results with Chinese medals are already included.

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