Half-middleweight M - Judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing - Results

Men's Half-middleweight - Judo
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

Judo at the Beijing 2008 Olympics  Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - Judo
Men's Half-middleweight 2008
Ole Bischof GER0-0-1-0
Kim Jae-bum KOR0-0-0-0
Tiago Camilo BRA
Roman Gontiuk UKR
Bronze Medal Contests
Tiago Camilo BRA1-1-0-0
Guillaume Elmont NED0-0-0-1
Roman Gontiuk UKR0-1-1-0
Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren MGL0-1-0-0
Repechage 3 for Bronze Medal
Tiago Camilo BRA0-1-0-0
Euan Burton GBR0-0-1-0
Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren MGL1-0-1-0
Robert Krawczyk POL0-0-0-1
Repechage 2 for Bronze Medal
Tiago Camilo BRA0-0-1-1
Travis Stevens USA0-0-1-0
Euan Burton GBR0-1-1-0
Mario Valles COL0-0-0-1
Robert Krawczyk POL1-0-0-0
Joao Neto POR0-0-0-0
Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren MGL1-0-0-2
Srdjan Mrvaljevic MNE0-0-0-0
Repechage 1 for Bronze Medal
Travis Stevens USA0-2-0-0
Mehman Azizov AZE0-0-0-1
Mario Valles COL0-1-0-0
Kouami Denanyoh TOG0-0-0-1
Robert Krawczyk POL0-0-1-1
Sergei Shundikov BLR0-0-1-0
Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren MGL1-0-0-0
Giuseppe Maddaloni ITA0-0-0-0
Ole Bischof GER0-0-1-1
Roman Gontiuk UKR0-0-0-1
Kim Jae-bum KOR0-0-0-1
Guillaume Elmont NED0-0-0-0
Ole Bischof GER0-2-0-0
Tiago Camilo BRA0-0-0-0
Roman Gontiuk UKR0-1-2-1
Euan Burton GBR0-0-1-0
Kim Jae-bum KOR0-0-0-1
Joao Neto POR0-0-0-0
Guillaume Elmont NED0-0-1-0
Srdjan Mrvaljevic MNE0-0-0-0
Round 2
Tiago Camilo BRA1-0-1-0
Hamed Malek Mohammadi IRI0-0-0-0
Ole Bischof GER0-0-1-1
Travis Stevens USA0-0-0-1
Euan Burton GBR0-0-1-0
Safouane Attaf MAR0-0-0-1
Roman Gontiuk UKR0-1-0-1
Mario Valles COL0-0-0-1
Joao Neto POR1-0-0-0
Oscar Cardenas CUB0-0-0-0
Kim Jae-bum KOR1-1-0-0
Robert Krawczyk POL0-0-0-1
Srdjan Mrvaljevic MNE0-1-1-1
Guo Lei CHN0-0-0-1
Guillaume Elmont NED1-0-0-1
Giuseppe Maddaloni ITA0-0-0-0
Round 1
Tiago Camilo BRA0-1-2-0
Takashi Ono JPN0-0-0-0
Hamed Malek Mohammadi IRI1-0-0-0
Aljaz Sedej SLO0-0-0-0
Travis Stevens USA1-0-1-1
Franklin Cisneros ESA0-0-0-0
Ole Bischof GER0-0-2-0
Mehman Azizov AZE0-0-1-1
Safouane Attaf MAR1-0-0-0
Alibek Bashkaev RUS0-0-0-1
Euan Burton GBR0-0-1-0
Emmanuel Lucenti ARG0-0-0-1
Roman Gontiuk UKR1-0-1-0
Kouami Denanyoh TOG0-0-0-1
Mario Valles COL1-0-1-0
Mark Anthony AUS0-0-0-0
Oscar Cardenas CUB0-1-1-0
Anthony Rodriguez FRA0-0-0-1
Joao Neto POR1-0-0-1
Edmond Topalli ALB0-0-0-0
Robert Krawczyk POL0-1-2-0
Matthew Jago RSA0-0-0-0
Kim Jae-bum KOR0-0-1-1
Sergei Shundikov BLR0-0-0-0
Srdjan Mrvaljevic MNE1-0-1-1
Jose Mbanchama GEQ0-0-0-0
Guo Lei CHN1-1-0-0
Fiderd Vis ARU0-0-0-0
Guillaume Elmont NED0-0-0-1
Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren MGL0-0-0-0
Giuseppe Maddaloni ITA0-0-2-0
Abderraman Brenes PUR0-0-0-1
Men's Half-middleweight - Judo - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

Event Format: The competition was a single elimination tournament with a special repechage tournament for the bronze medals. Athletes competed in preliminary rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The winner of the final was the Olympic Champion and the loser of the final received the silver medal. Each athlete who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage tournament for the right to face a semifinal loser for a bronze medal. The winners of the two final repechage matches received bronze medals.

Event facts: Men's Half-middleweight competition was held at the Beijing Science University Gymnasium and 35 athletes participated in the event.

These results for Men's Half-middleweight - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics - are based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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