Idrætsgrene - Incheon 2014

Sports at the Asian Games
Incheon 2014

Sport Discipliner Stadion
Atletik 47 Incheon Asiad Main Stadium
Badminton 7 Gyeyang Gymnasium
Baseball 1 Munhak Baseball Stadium
Basketball 2 Hwaseong Indoor Arena
Boksning 13 Seonhak Gymnasium
Bordtennis 7 Suwon Gymnasium
Bowling 12 Anyang Hogye Gymnasium
Brydning 20 Dowon Gymnasium
Bueskydning 8 Gyeyang Asiad Archery Field
Cricket 2 Yeonhui Cricket Ground
Cykling 18 Incheon International Velodrome*
Fægtning 12 Gyeyang Gymnasium
Fodbold 2 Incheon
Golf 4 Dream Park Country Club
Gymnastik 18 Namdong Gymnasium
Håndbold 2 Seonhak Handball Gymnasium
Hockey 2 Seonhak Hockey Stadium
Judo 16 Dowon Gymnasium
Kabaddi 2 Songdo Global University Gymnasium
Kano & kajak 16 Misari Regatta
Karate 13 Gyeyang Asiad Archery Field
Moderne femkamp 4 Dream Park
Ridning 6 Dream Park Equestrian Venue
Roning 14 Tangeum Lake
Rugby 2 Namdong Asiad Rugby Field
Sejlsport 14 Wangsan Marina
Sepaktakraw 6 Bucheon Gymnasium
Skydning 44 Ongnyeon International Shooting Range
Softball 1 Songdo LNG Baseball Stadium
Squash 4 Yeorumul Squash Courts
Svømning 38 Munhak Park Tae-hwan Aquatics Center
Synkronsvømning 3 Munhak Park Tae-hwan Aquatics Center
Taekwondo 16 Ganghwa Dolmens Gymnasium
Tennis 14 Yeorumul Tennis Courts
Triatlon 3 Songdo Central Park
Udspring 10 Munhak Park Tae-hwan Aquatics Center
Vægtløftning 15 Moonlight Festival Garden Venue
Vandpolo 2 Dream Park Aquatics Center
Volleyball 4 Songnim Gymnasium*
Wushu 15 Ganghwa Dolmens Gymnasium
* Mere end et stadion bruges ti ldenne event.
* Beta-info: Olympian Database normally hold - as a minimum - all historic medalists in a given event type. This is not yet the case for the Asian Games but we are continually working towards this. All-time champions lists for each event, all-time medal tables in sports or for a nation etc. are therefore incomplete. We have chosen to present what we have at the current time for the interest in for example the list of sports for the recent Asian Games that are already completed.
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