Canadian athletes in the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics

Canadian athletes at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics*

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100 m M CAN Desai Williams
Tony Sharpe
Ben Johnson
200 m M CAN Atlee Mahorn
Desai Williams
Tony Sharpe
400 m M CAN Brian Saunders
Doug Hinds
800 m M CAN Bruce Roberts
5000 m M CAN Paul Williams
110 m hurdles M CAN Jeff Glass
Mark McKoy
Eric Spence
3000 m steeplechase M CAN Greg Duhaime
4x100 m M CAN Sterling Hinds
Desai Williams
Tony Sharpe
Ben Johnson
20 km walk M CAN Guillaume Leblanc
High jump M CAN Alain Metellus
Milton Ottey
Shot put M CAN Bruno Pauletto
Bishop Dolegiewicz
Martino Catalano
Discus throw M CAN Rob Gray
Javelin throw M CAN Laslo Babits
Decathlon M CAN David Steen
100 m W CAN Angela Taylor
Angela Bailey
France Gareau
200 m W CAN Angela Taylor
Angela Bailey
Marita Payne
400 m W CAN Marita Payne
Molly Killingbeck
Charmaine Crooks
800 m W CAN Grace Verbeek
Ranza Clark
Christine Slythe
1500 m W CAN Debbie Scott
Brit McRoberts
3000 m W CAN Sue French
Lynn Williams
Geri Fitch
Marathon W CAN Anne Marie Malone
100 m hurdles W CAN Sylvia Malgadey-Forgrave
Karen Nelson
Sue Kameli
400 m hurdles W CAN Dana Wright
Andrea Page
4x100 m W CAN Angela Bailey
Marita Payne
Angela Taylor
France Gareau
4x400 m W CAN Dana Wright
Charmaine Crooks
Molly Killingbeck
Marita Payne
Jillian Richardson
High jump W CAN Deborah Brill
Brigitte Reid
Shot put W CAN Carmen Ionescu
Discus throw W CAN Carmen Ionescu
Heptathlon W CAN Donna Smellie
Const. Polman-Tuin
Jill Ross-Giffen
Basketball M CAN William Wennington
Howard Kelsey
Anthony Simms
Romel Raffin
Gordon Herbert
Gregory Wiltjer
Gerald Kazanowski
Karl Tilleman
Ilario Pasquale
John Hatch
Daniel Meagher
Howard Triano
Basketball W CAN Antonia Kordic
Beverly Smith
Sylvia Sweeney
Anna Pendergast
Misty Thomas
Andrea Blackwell
Allison Lang
Deborah Huband
Lynn Polson
Carole Sealey
Tracie McAra
Candi Clarkson-Lohr
Bantamweight M CAN Dale Walters
Light-middleweight M CAN Shawn O'Sullivan
Heavyweight M CAN William DeWitt
Super-heavyweight M CAN Lennox Lewis
 Canoe & Kayak
K1 500 m W CAN Lucia Guay
K1 500 m M CAN Scott Oldershaw
K2 500 m W CAN Susan Holloway
Alexandra Barre
K2 500 m M CAN Hugh Fisher
Alwyn Morris
K4 500 m W CAN Alexandra Barre
Barbara Olmsted
Lucia Guay
Susan Holloway
K1 1000 m M CAN Alan Thomson
K2 1000 m M CAN Alwyn Morris
Hugh Fisher
C1 500 m M CAN Larry Cain
C1 1000 m M CAN Larry Cain
C2 1000 m M CAN Eric Smith
Stephen Botting
Road race M CAN Steve Bauer
Road race team M CAN Alain Masson
Martin Willock
Pierre Harvey
Robert Pulfer
Points race M CAN Alex Stieda
1000 m time trial M CAN Curtis Harnett
Springboard M CAN Michel Mourant
Randy Sageman
Springboard W CAN Sylvie Bernier
Deborah Fuller
Platform M CAN Mark Rourke
David Bedard
Platform W CAN Katherine Kelemen
Deborah Fuller
Jumping individual  CAN Mario Deslauriers
Jumping team  CAN Ian Millar
James Elder
Mario Deslauriers
Hugh Graham
Epee team M CAN Jean-Marc Chouinard
Michel Dessureault
Jacques Cardyn
Alain Cote
Daniel Perreault
Individual all-round W CAN Andrea Thomas
Bonnie Wittmeier
Team W CAN Bonnie Wittmeier
Kelly Brown
Jessica Tudos
Andrea Thomas
Gigi Zosa
Anita Botnen
Team M CAN Frank Nutzenberger
Philippe Chartrand
Warren Long
Daniel Gaudet
Allan Reddon
Bradley Peters
Vault W CAN Kelly Brown
Vault M CAN Warren Long
Rhythmic individual all-round W CAN Lori Fung
Hockey W CAN Teresa Wheatley
Darlene Stoyka
Sheila Forshaw
Laura Branchaud
Nancy Charlton
Sharon Creelman
Lynne Beecroft
Sharon Bayes
Phyllis Ellis
Diane Virjee
Shelley Andrews
Lisa Bauer
Laurie Lambert
Zoe Mackinnon
Jean Major
Karen Hewlett
Lightweight M CAN Glenn Beauchamp
Half-heavyweight M CAN Joseph Meli
Heavyweight M CAN Mark Berger
Single sculls W CAN Andrea Schreiner
Single sculls M CAN Robert Mills
Double sculls W CAN Daniele Laumann
Silken Laumann
Pair without coxswain W CAN Tricia Smith
Betty Craig
Quadruple sculls M CAN Phil Monckton
Mike Hughes
Bruce Ford
Doug Hamilton
Four with coxswain W CAN Lesley Thompson
Angie Schneider
Jane Tregunno
Marilyn Brain
Barbara Ambrust
Eight with coxswain M CAN Dean Crawford
Mark Evans
Grant Main
Blair Horn
Brian McMahon
Paul Steele
Patrick Turner
Kevi Neufeld
Michael Evans
Soling  CAN Steve Calder
John Kerr
Hans Fogh
Star  CAN Witold Gesing
Lawrence Lemieux
Tornado  CAN David Sweeney
Brian Sweeney
470 M CAN Frank McLaughlin
Martin Tenhove
Finn M CAN Terry Neilson
Flying Dutchman  CAN Evert Bastet
Terry McLaughlin
Windsurfer M CAN Eric Graveline
Rifle three positions W CAN Christine Schulze
Sharon Bowes
Air rifle W CAN Jacqueline Terry
Sharon Bowes
Moving target M CAN David Lee
Mark Bedlington
Sports pistol W CAN Linda Thorn
100 m freestyle W CAN Jane Kerr
Pamela Rai
100 m freestyle M CAN David Churchill
Blair Hicken
200 m freestyle W CAN Julie Daigneault
Jane Kerr
200 m freestyle M CAN Alex Baumann
Peter Szmidt
400 m freestyle W CAN Donna McGinnis
Julie Daigneault
400 m freestyle M CAN David Shemilt
Peter Szmidt
800 m freestyle W CAN Karen Ward
Donna McGinnis
1500 m freestyle M CAN David Shemilt
Bernard Volz
100 m backstroke W CAN Michelle MacPherson
Reema Abdo
100 m backstroke M CAN Donald Goss
Mike West
200 m backstroke W CAN Melinda Copp
Reema Abdo
200 m backstroke M CAN Mike West
Cameron Henning
100 m breaststroke W CAN Anne Ottenbrite
Lisa Borsholt
100 m breaststroke M CAN Marco Veilleux
Victor Davis
200 m breaststroke W CAN Anne Ottenbrite
Mary Lubawski
200 m breaststroke M CAN Ken Fitzpatrick
Victor Davis
100 m butterfly W CAN Marie Moore
Michelle MacPherson
100 m butterfly M CAN David Churchill
Thomas Ponting
200 m butterfly W CAN Marie Moore
Jill Horstead
200 m butterfly M CAN Peter Ward
Thomas Ponting
200 m medley W CAN Alison Dozzo
Michelle MacPherson
200 m medley M CAN Alex Baumann
Robert Chernoff
400 m medley W CAN Donna McGinnis
Nathalie Gingras
400 m medley M CAN Peter Dobson
Alex Baumann
4x100 m freestyle W CAN Jane Kerr
Carol Kimpel
Maureen New
Pamela Rai
Cheryl McArton
4x100 m freestyle M CAN Alex Baumann
David Churchill
Donald Goss
Blair Hicken
4x100 m medley W CAN Reema Abdo
Pamela Rai
Anne Ottenbrite
Michelle MacPherson
4x100 m medley M CAN Donald Goss
Thomas Ponting
Mike West
Victor Davis
 Synchronized Swimming
Solo W CAN Carolyn Waldo
Duet W CAN Kelly Kryczka
Sharon Hambrook
Lightweight M CAN Claude Dallaire
Middleweight M CAN Jacques Demers
Michel Pietracupa
Light-heavyweight M CAN Yvan Darsigny
Middle-heavyweight M CAN Denis Garon
Heavyweight 100 kg M CAN Kevin Roy
Heavyweight M CAN Albert Squires
Freestyle flyweight M CAN Ray Takahashi
Freestyle middleweight M CAN Chris Rinke
Freestyle light-heavyweight M CAN Clark Davis
Freestyle super-heavyweight M CAN Robert Molle
Greco-Roman featherweight M CAN Douglas Yeats
* The list of Canadian athletes in the 1984 Olympic Games is not yet complete
This information about Canadian athletes in the Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles 1984 is based on the official olympic reports and Olympian Database
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