German figure skaters in the Olympic Games

German Olympic Athletes in Figure Skating*

  Facts about Olympic Figure Skating
Event Athletes
 Figure Skating 1908
Individual W GER Elsa Rendschmidt
Pairs  GER Annie Hübler
Heinrich Burger
 Figure Skating 1928
Individual W GER Margit Bernhardt
Else Flebbe
Elaine Winter
Ellen Brockhöft
Individual M GER Werner Rittberger
Paul Franke
Pairs  GER Ernst Gaste
Ilse Kishauer
 Figure Skating 1932
Individual M GER Ernst Baier
 Figure Skating 1936
Individual W GER Viktoria Lindpaintner
Individual M GER Günther Lorenz
Ernst Baier
Pairs  GER Ernst Baier
Eva Prawitz
Otto Weiss
Maxie Herber
 Figure Skating 1952
Individual W GER Helga Dudzinski
Erika Kraft
Gundi Busch
Individual M GER Freimut Stein
Pairs  GER Inge Minor
Paul Falk
Ria Falk
Hermann Braun
 Figure Skating 1956
Individual W GER Rosel Pettinger
Individual M GER Tilo Gutzeit
Pairs  GER Franz Ningel
Marika Kilius
 Figure Skating 1960
Individual W GER Bärbel Martin
Ursel Barkey
Individual M GER Manfred Schnelldorfer
Tilo Gutzeit
Bodo Bockenauer
Pairs  GER Hans-Jürgen Bäumler
Marika Kilius
Franz Ningel
Margret Göbl
 Figure Skating 1964
Individual M GER Manfred Schnelldorfer
Pairs  GER Marika Kilius
Hans-Jürgen Bäumler
 Figure Skating 1992
Individual W GER Marina Kielmann
Patricia Neske
 Figure Skating 1994
Individual W GER Tanja Szewczenko
Katarina Witt
 Figure Skating 1998
Pairs  GER Mandy Wotzel
Ingo Steuer
 Figure Skating 2002
Pairs  GER Norman Jeschke
Mariana Kautz
Ice dancing  GER Kati Winkler
Rene Lohse
 Figure Skating 2006
Individual M GER Stefan Lindemann
Pairs  GER Rico Rex
Aliona Savchenko
Robin Szolkowy
Eva-Maria Fitze
 Figure Skating 2010
Individual W GER Sarah Hecken
Individual M GER Stefan Lindemann
Pairs  GER Maylin Wende
Aliona Savchenko
Daniel Wende
Robin Szolkowy
Ice dancing  GER Christina Beier
William Beier
 Figure Skating 2014
Individual W GER Nathalie Weinzierl
Individual M GER Peter Liebers
Pairs  GER Robin Szolkowy
Aliona Savchenko
Daniel Wende
Maylin Wende
Ice dancing  GER Tanja Kolbe
Nelli Zhiganshina
Stefano Caruso
Alexander Gazsi
Team  GER Nathalie Weinzierl
Maylin Wende
Alexander Gazsi
Daniel Wende
Nelli Zhiganshina
Peter Liebers
 Figure Skating 2018
Team  GER Aliona Savchenko
Nicole Schott
Kavita Lorenz
Bruno Massot
Joti Polizoakis
Paul Fentz
Individual W GER Nicole Schott
Individual M GER Paul Fentz
Pairs  GER Aliona Savchenko
Bruno Massot
Ice dancing  GER Joti Polizoakis
Kavita Lorenz
* The list above only shows a selection of German figure skaters - All possible medalists are included in the list.
This information about German figure skaters at the Olympic Games is based on the official olympic reports and the Olympian Database
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